Young doctors on what’s keeping them hooked to Ayurveda

Young doctors on what’s keeping them hooked to Ayurveda

The call for a more balanced and healthy living is being answered in the pandemic with the re-emergence of traditional practices for the body, mind, and soul. One such age-old practice gaining popularity is Ayurveda — indicative of ancient wisdom and knowledge that practitioners have amassed over years.

One look at social media, however, will tell you that many of today’s Ayurvedic practitioners are young and well-connected with several hundreds of people through their channels. They also have an advanced educational degree in the practice and allied fields to further their case. So, what is driving this change? Indianexpress reached out to some practitioners to understand more about their tryst with this form of medicine, catering to an audience spread across the globe, and why Ayurveda retains an edge for them.

Young doctors on what’s keeping them hooked to Ayurveda

“Before the Ayurvedic medical educational system, healers carried the rich tradition of Ayurveda on their shoulders for centuries. A traditional Ayurveda healer is one who acquires knowledge from family elders. Some of them have a thorough knowledge of principles, do strict and pure application, have no bias against the modern medical system, and have sound knowledge of rare Ayurvedic herbs,” explained Dr Shyam VL, WHO member for Ayurveda Health Practices Benchmark, founder and director – Back to Roots, Kerala, India.


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