Most Effective Yoga Asanas for Backache

Most Effective Yoga Asanas for Backache

Some causes of back pain include injury due to a fall, strain, lifting heavy objects, incorrect sitting or standing posture, or pain caused by sudden sharp movements while using the back. Apart from these reasons, poor physical condition also puts repeated strain on your back leading to muscle cramps. In such a situation, people start trying various ways to get rid of back pain. But a yoga asana is considered very effective to (Yoga Asanas for Backache) with the problem of back pain.

Most Effective Yoga Asanas for Backache

Regular practice of yogasanas can help you in getting relief from back pain. With the help of yoga asanas for overall health, we can keep our back safe. Even 10-15 minutes daily can improve our spinal health to a great extent and avoid the stress of back pain. Here we are telling you some such simple and effective asanas which you can do very comfortably, for this you do not even need any special training. So let’s know from Grand Master Akshar ji, the founder of Akshar Yoga, which Yogasanas are more effective to get rid of back pain.

Ardha Matsyendrasana

Through yoga techniques, it is possible to improve the strength and flexibility of the spine. Walking, swimming and light aerobic activities, if done regularly, also provide strength and stamina to the back allowing the muscles to work optimally. When we’re working our backs, be sure to strengthen our cores as well. This will provide flexibility in the support the back. By maintaining a healthy weight, we can avoid straining the back muscles. To get rid of back pain, you should do Ardha Matsyendrasana.

Correct Method of Doing Ardha Matsyendrasana –

This asana increases the elasticity of the spine, tones the nerves and improves the functioning of the spinal cord. It relieves back pain and stiffness between the vertebrae. Follow the step given below to do this yoga asana:

Most Effective Yoga Asanas for Backache

  • Start with dandasana.
  • Bend the left leg and place the left foot on the ground above the right knee.
  • Bend the right leg and bend it in such a way that it rests on the ground and place the right heel near the left pelvis.
  • As you exhale, bend your body as much as you can, bend your neck so that your gaze is over your left shoulder, and your waist is surrounded by your left hand, palm facing out.
  • Continue the posture while breathing normally.
  • The right hand is pressed against the left knee creating a twist on the body. The chest is open and the spine is straight.
  • One part of the abdomen is compressed and the other part is dilated.
  • Right leg and knee rest on the floor.

Note – To help with yoga asanas, you can also use props like yoga blocks, bricks, pillows, cushions. It is advised to proceed with caution and stop immediately in case of any pain or discomfort. In the beginning hold the asana for a short duration and gradually increase the duration. Consult a doctor or your physical therapist before starting exercise. Repeat this asana for 3 sets for 10-15 seconds each time with awareness on the breath.

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