Malaika Arora 3 Yoga Asana to Loose Belly Fat

If your belly is also clearly visible from your shirt or your belly fat is visible in a crop top, then it means that now

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Malaika Arora 3 Yoga Asana to Loose Belly Fat

If your belly is also clearly visible from your shirt or your belly fat is visible in a crop top, then it means that now you need to reduce your belly fat very much. You might find it difficult in the beginning but it is not that difficult to get your stomach back in shape. For this, you only need to make some changes in your lifestyle and adopt a healthy approach. If you do yoga regularly, you can burn a lot of calories daily and activate your core muscles, with the help of which you can reduce your belly (Yoga Asana to Loose Belly Fat).

Recently, Malaika Arora shared a photo of herself doing some yoga and it also includes 3 such asanas, which help in reducing belly fat. Bollywood Actress Malaika Arora wrote in the caption, Let us focus on the asanas that you can make a part of your daily routine and which help reduce the weight around your waistline.

3 Yoga Asana to Loose Belly Fat

Malaika Arora 3 Yoga Asana to Loose Belly Fat


Plank is a very effective yoga posture, which helps in reducing your stomach and body toning. If you hold this posture for more than a minute, it will strengthen your abdominal muscles. Along with this, it will also help you to stay focused, focus, build shoulder muscles. Not only this, but plank also helps in improving your body posture.

How to do Plank

  • First of all, keep your feet on the mat by bending both your hands and knees.
  • Now keep your shoulders and palms in the same line.
  • Now keep your head relaxed.
  • Now while bringing the weight on your hands, first of all, take one leg backwards and then while taking the other leg try to keep your body parallel to the floor.
  • Also, keep your hands straight.
  • Now divide your weight equally between your upper arms and legs so that you can balance yourself in this position.


By doing Bhujangasana, you will get the necessary abdominal massage and with the help of this, you will also get rid of your belly fat. It also helps tone your strengthen your spine, helps open up your lungs and is great for asthma sufferers.

How to do Bhujangasana

  • First, lie down on your stomach and keep your hands by the side of your chest.
  • Now with the help of your hands, lift your upper body upwards and keep the head backwards so that you can slightly round your upper body.
  • Now try to put pressure on yourself by keeping your feet on the floor. Then pull them out.
  • Hold this position for few seconds.


Nokasana helps increase your confidence and enhances your willpower, determination and self-control. It works to strengthen your abdominal and core muscles. It is also good for the deep hip flexors and improves your balance. Not only this, but by doing this asana, the blood circulation in your body increases which helps in reducing belly fat. You must keep doing it regularly to master this asana.

How to do Nokasana

  • First of all, bend your knees and sit on the mat.
  • Now bring your feet in the air and keep the knees bent.
  • By doing this, your upper body will automatically move backwards, but keep in mind that you have to keep your body straight.
  • Now take your feet at a 45-degree angle. Your upper body will band at the back but try to keep the backbone straight and this way you will create a V shape with your body.
  • Now keep the parallel of the sleeping floor in your hands.
  • To stay in this pose, you have to do a little balance.
  • Try to hold this pose for at least 5 counts.
  • Now while exhaling, take your legs down and while breathing in, straighten your upper body.

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