Yoga After Pregnancy: Main Yogasanas to be done after Pregnancy

Yoga After Pregnancy: Main Yogasanas to be done after Pregnancy

It is very normal for a new mother to gain weight due to the changes that have come after delivery. These changes are not cured by medicines and injections, but with yoga, this problem can be easily reduced. But yes, whether the delivery is normal or C-section, in both cases, yoga or any other exercise should not be started immediately, rather it is better to consider only after a few weeks when the wound and stitches are completely healed. But yes its benefits are many. Yoga not only strengthens the body weakened after delivery, but also relieves from stress. Yoga is effective in removing any physical and mental problems that arise during pregnancy. Let us know in detail about some of the main asanas of yoga after delivery or pregnancy.

Yoga After Pregnancy

1. Pronunciation (Om)

Yoga After Pregnancy: Main Yogasanas to be done after Pregnancy

After childbirth, start yoga with the pronunciation of Om. It relieves stress and gives peace. Along with this, one gets rid of insomnia and other problems of childbirth. For this, sitting in a secluded place, chant the word Om with a calm mind. This is the initial stage of yoga. Along with this, you can also do anulom-vilom. From this start your body will be ready for other asanas as well.


2. Bhujangasan

Yoga After Pregnancy: Main Yogasanas to be done after Pregnancy

Post-delivery pain in the waist, back and abdomen is relieved by doing this asana. Along with this, the flow of blood in the body of women is also good. In this posture, lying on the stomach, keep your chin on the ground. Simultaneously, keep both the palms on the ground in the same line as the body and spread the legs. Now raise your torso with the help of palms, turn your head back and then look up. Keep in mind that in this posture, your spine should remain taut. Hold your breath for as long as possible and then release it slowly.

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3. Setubandhasan

Yoga After Pregnancy: Main Yogasanas to be done after Pregnancy

Setubandhasana posture is able to reduce the worries and stress that occurs after delivery. Along with this, the headache also reduces by doing this and the mind remains calm. This asana is very important for new mothers. Lie on your back and bend your knees and keep the knees and feet in a straight line. After this, keep your palms on the ground. While inhaling, lift your back from the ground and touch your chest with your chin without moving your chin. During this, keep the lower part of the body stable. You can support your waist with your hands. Stay like this for a couple of minutes and then come out of this easy while exhaling your breath.

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4. Garudasana


By doing Garudasana daily after delivery, the strains of the muscles in the joints are removed. Along with this, it also provides relief in the pain of other parts of the body and also relieves from stress. To do this asana, stand with both the legs together and meditate and maintain your balance. Now raise the arms and place the right arm on the left arm, bend both the elbows and bring the right hand in front of the left hand. Now lift the left leg and rest it on the right leg. Stand in this position for a few seconds and repeat.

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5. Trikonasana


After delivery, the thing that worries a woman the most is the fat stored in the stomach. Trikonasana is beneficial in reducing this belly fat. Along with this, by doing this asana, the fat of the stomach, waist or legs is also reduced. The body looks like a triangle in this posture, hence the name Trikonasana. It is also helpful in getting easy relief from post-delivery depression or anxiety.

6. Ardhmatsyendrasan


By doing this asana, there is relief from back pain or back pain after delivery. Along with this, there is proper circulation of blood in the body. Ardha Matsyendrasana is also helpful in removing constipation and stomach problems. To do this, sitting on the ground, bend the left leg and touch the right side behind you. After that, keep your right foot by taking it next to your left foot. Keep in mind that the right foot should touch the ground on the next side. After that, pull your body in the opposite direction from the direction in which the leg is bent and simultaneously try to touch the leg of the front side from behind. Stay like this for a few seconds and then repeat this asana in the other direction.

7. Vyaghrasan


After delivery, the new born mother has a lot of problems due to the stretching of the muscles in the abdomen, but after delivery, Vyaghrasana reduces muscle spasms, as well as strengthens the muscles. To do Vyagrasana, sit on the ground on the knees which is called Vajrasana and keep the hands forward. Now bring the right leg from behind on your head and take a deep breath. After this tilt the head forward and touch your nose with the knee and exhale. Now lift your head up and take your feet back. Repeat this process with the left leg with this.

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After delivery, yoga should be started according to one’s physical ability. At this time the body should not be stressed too much. Practicing yoga on a regular basis will not only bring you back to your former shape but you can enjoy this important phase of motherhood to the fullest. After delivery, the mother does not have much time to exercise or take time out for other activities to keep herself fit.

In such a situation, doing yoga for just a few minutes a day can give you many physical and mental benefits. If you have had a normal delivery, then you will get many benefits from Kapotasana, Ustrasana or Setubandhasana, while doing easy exercises like Tadasana, Kandharasana and Vrikshasana will help in removing problems in the pelvic area if you have a C-section delivery. After childbirth, start yoga with easy asanas, then use difficult asanas. Most importantly, do not forget to consult your doctor before starting yoga.

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