Work Life Balance Tips – How to Balance Between Home and Office

Work Life Balance Tips – How to Balance Between Home and Office

Work Life Balance Tips – Even if you see from afar, how many digits salary you are earning, but the reality is that if you are working woman and married, as well as living with family, then home as well as office is for you. It is not easy to manage. In such a situation, it becomes difficult to pay full attention at home as well as in the office. Due to lack of balance on both sides, problems increase. Many a times, due to the confusion in both the places, neither you are able to give proper time in the office nor are you able to pay full attention at home.

In this situation, women become victims of stress and harm themselves. This is the reason for the rise in stress levels in women. Especially with the working mom, the problem is the most that she should also manage the office work keeping in mind the complete upbringing of her children. In such a situation, sometimes she loses her balance. Know in this article the right way to strike a balance between home and office.

Cause to Imbalance in Home and Office

Smartphones are the biggest reason for not being able to balance office and home. Ever since these have come into the trend, the tension has started increasing since then. Since even after leaving the office (Work Life Balance Tips), if official mails or messages come, then you have to answer even if you do not want to.

In such a situation, when you are with family and suddenly messages start coming on mobile, then your entire attention goes there and then you are not able to be with family even though you are at home. Therefore, it would be better to ignore the messages and emails there after returning from the office. However, for a long time, companies are thinking that after office, the employees should not be harassed in any way.

Ways to Manage Work at Home and Outside – Balance Work and Life Tips

Managing work at home and outside is more difficult than we sometimes think. If you are still facing problems in balancing work life, then you can adopt some of the methods mentioned here.

Home Work

Not only children, you should also complete your homework. Your homework means that if you can complete the small tasks of the second day the night before, then there is no harm in it. This will definitely give you a little more time the next day. Make this planning in advance as to what to do on the second day and complete your homework accordingly. Along with your homework, make a complete routine of children’s homework as well. Take help from your husband. If there are elders in the family, then take their cooperation too.

Set Priority

Priorities need to be set to strike a balance between home and office. It should not happen that you do not give priority to what is most important and unnecessary time is being given to non-essential things. For example, if some new projects have been given in the office and everything is fine at your home, then give priority to the office. On the other hand, assume that your child needs you at home and you can complete that work by taking a short break from the office (Work Life Balance Tips), then you have to give priority to the family first. It is important that you set your priorities according to the situation.

How Are You Planning

Being a working woman, it is important to take care that you plan your entire routine properly. For this you should do time management properly. The first condition of time management is that instead of wasting time, you should focus on where and how much time you give. Also, instead of wasting time (Work Life Balance Tips), understand where to invest more. Make a plan in advance for planning your food and drink, your children’s routine and then reaching the office and completing the tasks there. With this, you will feel yourself that you are well organized and how comfortably you are completing all the work on time.

Instead of spending time in office or home-family gossip, try to focus on your work which is pending. The truth is that if time management is done properly, then the working hours in the office will not be reduced. Many times it happens that women get into a work-avoidant mood while chatting with the office workers. By doing this, many times, today’s work becomes a thing of tomorrow day after tomorrow and then late night. It is not that the office should work only like a machine. But yes, after completing the work and the target, attention should be paid to the rest of the things. Try not to waste your time on social media even at workplace. Too much time is wasted in allowing selfies or even uploading photos.

Talk Openly with Your Spouse

As a working woman, your life should go smoothly and normally, for this you must take the help of your spouse. Break all the hesitation with them and talk to them and then together, share all the responsibilities of the household and family among themselves. With this you will not have any problem and the work will be done easily by sharing it.

Mental Health Management

Women who manage both home and office, many things keep going on in their mind, due to which they get more stressed. Due to this, they sometimes become victims of depression and become weak at the mental level. It is very important to be mentally fit to do everything smoothly. For this it is necessary that one should prepare himself mentally for any situation.

Don’t take everything in life too seriously. Don’t think about anything all day long. It is important to do positive things. Never try to bring negative things in your mind. Since the more negative you are, the more trouble will increase (Work Life Balance Tips). That’s why meditation should also be continued. Even 15 minutes of meditation in a day gives a lot of relief. Try to complete the work which is in front of you. Don’t leave it to work for later. With this, you can manage your mental health yourself by keeping your mind calm.

Do Not Ignore Health

It may seem common to say this, but it is true that many times we forget ourselves completely in the journey of home, family and office. But taking care of health is most important. No matter how busy your schedule is, make sure to take some time out for your health. Exercising in the morning will keep your mind good and stable throughout the day. Not only will this reduce stress, you will also feel energetic. Not only this, in addition to exercise, whenever there is a chance in the week, things like massage should also be done to relax and relax your body, this will relieve you as well as your muscles.

Take Out Some Time For Yourself

It often happens that as soon as you become a working woman, all the responsibilities of the family-office are imposed on you. You start living only for others and forget yourself completely. That is why it is very important that you take time for yourself. That time may be half an hour or an hour but it should be yours only. Try not to think about anyone but yourself at that time.

During this, do all the things that make you happy. During this time, instead of using mobile or any gadget, do those things which you are fond, whether it is a hobby related to music or gardening. Gardening is also a great stress buster. If you spend some time in gardening on the day of the holiday, then you will get a lot of relief.

Find Time For Your Loved Ones

Even if you are very busy and give priority to your office work, it is still necessary to take some time for your loved ones. For example, try to be present with your loved ones on their special day. Give them gifts to make them happy. Sometimes come home early. If the children need it, go to their school. This will keep your presence in his life and he will not miss you.

Start living the little Happiness

It is also very important not to wait for great happiness. As soon as you get time, go on vacation for a short time. Go somewhere with family, sometimes go out to eat or watch a movie. If nothing else, go for a walk in the park near your house. By doing all this, you will get a break from the boring routine of daily and your mood will also be fresh.

Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Many times, in order to make ourselves look perfect, we take more workload than our capacity in the office. Then they get entangled in it the whole time, when it is not right at all. Be ready for the challenge, fulfill the responsibilities but don’t take coercive tasks. Avoid working overnight without need. With this, you can also take out time for your loved ones.

Be Tactful at the Workplace

It sounds like a common thing, but it is also true that we should always have a good bond with the people of the place where we work. It happens that many times in bad situations, those people support you. Sometimes if you have to go home suddenly, your work is done by your colleagues. Try to be polite to your boss as well.

Homework Office, Office Work Not at Home

It is also the basic mantra to live a happy life that never bring household work to the office, behave like a professional and should not take office work at home. Come after finishing all the office work there. One should not try to compromise or steal from work during office hours.

Choose Company Wisely

Many times it happens that we are eager to go to a company where we are getting a good hike in salary. But it is also a practical thing that if you are a working mom, then you should not decide the company just by looking at the salary. It should be kept in mind that how long the company will ask you to stay in the office and what kind of challenges it will give, because with more salary and degree, you will have to do more work load. Also more time will have to be given. So don’t choose the company just by looking at the salary.

No Tension of Home- Family during Office Hours

There is also a big problem with working women that sometimes she is in the office but her attention remains at home. Especially if they have children, such moms are always on the phone. This is also not correct. Try to focus on your work in the office.

Celebrate Festivals, Don’t Forget Special Days

Some companies give extra payment to the employees on coming to the office on the occasion of a special Teej-festival or holiday (Work Life Balance Tips). If this is the case in your company too, instead of sacrificing your festival just for a few bucks, try to spend time with family. However, if the work in the office is more important then do not refuse.

FAQ’s Asked About Balance Between Work and Home

Q1: If I am getting extra salary for overtime or working holidays, should I leave my family and go to office.

Answer: The process of working overtime and on holidays will never stop. Greed is not right. It is wrong to give importance to money only. Other things in life should also be given importance. Try that if there is some very important work, then enjoy the holiday with family and home. Instead of overtime, take care of your health and sleep well.

Q2: What should be done in order not to bring office work home and household work to office?

Answer: First of all, as soon as you come home, you should get away from your gadgets and mobile phone and give full attention only to the family members. Especially you should spend time with your children. They should be asked about the condition of their day. At the same time, instead of staying on the phone to get updates about your home or work there throughout the day, the entire focus should be on work.

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