Indian Hindu Women Solah Shringar Name and Benefits

Indian Hindu Women Solah Shringar Name and Benefits

There is an ancient tradition of Solah Shringar for women in Hindu society. Since ancient times, men and women have been using different types of cosmetics for making up. Woman is the most beautiful creation of God, that is why she is kept decorated and groomed. In Hindu beliefs, it is customary for married women to do sixteen make-up on Teej-festivals. Although these beliefs have also changed with the changing times, but even today many women have kept this practice alive.

What Happens in The 16 Makeup of Women (Solah Shringar for women)

Sixteen makeup of women (Solah Shringar) has great importance in Hindu religion. All these makeups are considered essential for a married woman. Many religious arguments are given behind this. It is believed that this has a good effect on the health of the woman and her married life also passes happily. In Rigveda also it has been said about sixteen makeup that doing sixteen makeup not only enhances beauty but also brings good luck. Let’s know who are these makeup.

Indian Hindu Women Solah Shringar Name and Benefits

1. Sindoor

Sindoor is a sign of married women. Sixteen makeup is considered incomplete without it. There is mercury in vermilion which gives coolness and keeps the mind stress free.

2. Maang Tika

Maang Tika is not a fashion trend but it is a protector of sindoor provided by the husband. It is a belief that the bride’s mang tika is worn right in the middle of the head so that she always walks on the right and straight path in her life after marriage.

3. Bindi

Women applying a red dot on the center of their forehead with kumkum or vermilion is considered a symbol of prosperity of the family. Along with this, the bindi adds charm to the face.

4. Mascara

It is said that the eyes which do not have kajal, they look deserted. Because kajal works to make the eyes attractive. While Kajal protects you from the evil eye, on the other hand, it also adds to your beauty.

5. Nath

There are different practices in different societies regarding the nose or nose nail. It is considered necessary for a married woman to wear jewelry in her nose. It is said that wearing a Nath enhances the sense of smell.

6. Coil in the ear

Wearing a coil, earring or earrings in the ears enhances the look of the woman even more. By the way, both men and women can wear Kundal. In the ear piercing ceremony, the child’s ear is pierced and a coil is put in it. Wearing gold coils or earrings by piercing the ears is helpful in regulating the menstrual cycle of women.

7. Gajra

The fragrance of flowers keeps the mind fresh and cool. It is believed that if the girl or women of the house put these flowers in the head, then happiness comes in the house.

8. Mangal Sutra

The most special and sacred jewel of a married woman is considered to be the Mangal Sutra. This Mangal sutra is a protective shield for married women and a sign of happiness and good fortune. In places where Mangal sutra is not practiced, women must wear necklace or garland around the neck. Wearing Mangal sutra or necklace keeps blood pressure under control.

9. Mehndi

Mehndi is considered a symbol of honeymoon. Applying mehndi on marriage or all auspicious occasions is considered auspicious for women and girls. It is said that the part of the hand on which henna is applied is related to the fibers of the brain. With this, Mehndi also provides coolness and peace to the mind.

10. Ring

The tradition of wearing rings on fingers has been going on for centuries. It has also been given an important place in the sixteen makeup. By wearing the ring, mental stress works and stomach disorders are also removed.

11. Bangles or Bracelets

After marriage, bangles are considered a sign of marriage. It is believed that the wrists of married women should be full of bangles. Her presence is felt by the tinkling of the new bride’s bangles. Also, the sound that emanates from its ringing keeps negative energy away from that woman.

12. Armband

This ornament with a string or thread-like shape is tightly tied in the arms. It is believed that wearing armlets by women protects the wealth of the family. Wearing it is beneficial in heart disease and liver related diseases.

13. Waistband

The trend of waistband is slowly decreasing these days. But in the earlier times, new daughters-in-law used to tie the waistband. In today’s time people wear it only till marriage. It is said that by wearing a waistband, women do not have problems like hernia disease.

14. Payal

Anklets are an important part of women’s makeup. In olden times, the chimes of anklets used to let the elderly male members of the house know that the daughter-in-law was coming and they would go out of her way. According to Vastu Shastra, negative energy is also removed from the tone of the anklet. Along with this, women also get many health benefits.

15. Nettle

Married women in Hindu society wear silver nettle or nettle in the middle three fingers except the toe and little finger. Wearing these makes it easier for the woman to conceive and menstruation is also correct. This ritual is a symbol of the fact that the bride will face all the problems that come after marriage with courage.

16. Wedding Dress

The couple wearing at the time of the wedding is included in the obligatory sixteen makeup. Lehenga, chunari, sari or suit, wherever it goes in the wedding couple, holds an important place. On special occasions, women worship only by wearing their wedding dress.

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