Why is it like this on Holi – Why is Holi Finally a Question?

Why is it like this on Holi - Why is Holi Finally a Question?

Holi is a festival of fun and joy with colors, a festival whose imagination swings from limb to limb. Holi is not as pure as it is in speaking and speaking of the word, as it is not seen in today’s scenario because the way of celebrating some people fades the color of this colorful festival.

We are so lost in the fun of celebrating this festival that by not taking care of the troubles of the front, we inadvertently harm anyone for our entertainment.


Why is Holi Finally a Question?

After all, why and for what? Have we lost the civilization to celebrate this festival? Or we have given birth to a new Holi in place of the original Holi, which is ending the sanctity of this festival.

The reality is that a few select elements of our society, who give the festival a form of fun, pollute every tradition that ends the sanctity of any festival.


Why do people spoil the Holi of others by consuming cannabis, etc. on this Holi festival? Can we not celebrate this festival on one day only without any intoxicants?

Why use such colors deliberately in the name of fun, which can harm anyone, even someone’s eye.


Why we tell our children not to use colored balloons. In this, we too are guilty to some extent.

The scenes depicting Holi festival from TV to cinema are also depicted in drinking cannabis. Can’t this festival be celebrated without getting drunk?

After all, why don’t people hesitate to tear each other’s clothes in the name of fun? Why people don’t hesitate to use mud etc. Why?

Can we celebrate this festival without consuming any substance? Now what we do has an effect on our own younger brothers or on our own children too.

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We should consider how we are presenting this festival for our younger brothers or children. And should present a model for your photo.

Our conduct today determines the future of our tomorrow. Why don’t you take pledge in this Holi.

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