Why Can’t I lose Weight No Matter What I Do – 10 Main Reasons

why cant I lose weight no matter what I do

Why can’t I lose weight no matter what I do: Obesity brings not only embarrassment but also many other diseases, but have you ever thought that what can be the reasons for not reducing obesity in women? So let us know what are the reasons for not reducing obesity in women.

Why Can’t I lose Weight No Matter What I Do

In the changing lifestyle, most of the women are surrounded by some health related problems in which one problem is obesity which has become a common problem nowadays.

Due to excessive obesity, the shape of the whole body of women deteriorates, due to which they have to be embarrassed many times. Women first resort to dieting and gym to reduce their obesity, but after doing all this many times there is obesity that does not take the name of reduction.

1. Wrong eating habits

The biggest reason for obesity in women or their protruding and expanding stomach is the carelessness taken by them in eating and drinking. Most of the women are very fond of eating and drinking. They like fast food, spicy things or oily things, due to which their obesity increases instead of decreasing. If you eat most of the food outside, then this can be the main reason for not losing weight.

2. being hungry for a long time

Many people think that obesity can be reduced by starving for a long time, but it is not so at all. Rather than being hungry for a long time, the weight increases further. Being hungry for a long time reduces the ability of the body’s digestive system, due to which it is unable to destroy the calories present in the body.

These calories work to gain weight instead of reducing weight. Apart from this, if you remain hungry for a long time, then you will feel more hungry, due to which you eat more than you need. This can also be one of the main reasons for not losing weight. That’s why you should keep eating at short intervals.

3. Drink less water

One must drink plenty of water to stay healthy. To lose weight, you must drink 5 to 6 glasses of water a day. But in today’s modern lifestyle, instead of drinking water, people consume more things like cold drinks, tea, coffee etc.

The level of sugar in all these things is very high, which does not allow weight loss. Water does not contain any calories and it also helps in flushing out waste products from the body.

Therefore, women who have less habit of drinking water, they should leave this habit from now on. For this, you can also set a reminder in your mobile so that you will remember to drink water.

4. prolonged sitting

Women who are working, they have to sit in one place for a long time while working in the office, which causes obesity. According to experts, sitting in one place for a long time also reduces the control of appetite and due to this you tend to overeat.

Due to the responsibilities of the house and the stress of work, exercise is not even possible or it can be done only to a small extent, which becomes the main cause of obesity.

5. Laziness

The reason for some women not losing weight is also because they are lazy. Some women sit in the same place due to laziness like sitting in one place and watching TV for hours etc. Therefore, you must give up your laziness and give place to exercise and yoga in your life.

6. More or less sleep

Sleeping too much or too little is also a reason for this. Women who are unable to get enough sleep due to responsibilities or women who take more sleep due to laziness also start increasing belly fat. Sleeping more than 9 hours a day and sleeping less than 6 hours has a bad effect on your health.

Due to this, the balance of hormones that control appetite starts deteriorating, due to which the woman starts feeling very hungry and instead of losing weight, she increases. That’s why you should get 7 to 8 hours of sleep in a day.

7. Consuming More Calories

Many women resort to exercise or gym to reduce obesity. By doing this, the muscles become strong along with reducing calories, but if you consume more calorie food after exercising, then the exercise done by you is not of much benefit.

Consuming more energy drinks and protein-rich foods after exercise also increases the amount of calories, which instead of reducing obesity, increases it.

8. Stress

You will be surprised to know that instead of not reducing obesity due to stress, it increases more. Being under excessive stress reduces or increases the appetite of a person.

If the appetite is less then weakness takes place in the body and if the hunger increases then we eat more calories in a hurry to pacify the hunger. Therefore, stress has also been considered as a reason for not reducing obesity.

10. Consumption of medicines

There are also many such medicines, which cure the disease, but it increases the weight, such as thyroid. Due to thyroid, along with increasing the weight of women, hormones also become unbalanced. There are also medicines that can cause a change in the shape of the body, due to which you feel more hungry.

The weight of a woman also increases during pregnancy. These are good signs for the pregnant woman and her unborn baby. Even after pregnancy, your weight starts increasing because at this time you have to consume more calorie food, due to which the weight does not decrease but it starts increasing.

In such a situation, you should consume things rich in fruits, vegetables, high protein. There are such small reasons why women are not losing weight, which we ignore, which increases the weight instead of reducing it. If you take care of all these things then you can get rid of this problem very soon.

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