Is White Discharge A Sign of Pregnancy – What is leucorrhoea

Is White Discharge A Sign of Pregnancy - What is leucorrhoea

A pregnant mother faces many mental, physical and emotional changes and problems. It is very common to have nausea, irritability, stomach-ache, back-ache, tension etc. during this period. One of these problems is the discharge of white water from the vagina, which is also called leucorrhoea. (Is White Discharge a sign of Pregnancy)

This is a problem about which most women are not much aware. Along with this, she is not able to openly talk to anyone about it. This is one of the many changes that take place in a woman’s body during pregnancy.

Although it is very normal to have white discharge in pregnancy, but if not taken care of, then this problem can increase and become serious. Let us know the complete information about it.

Before knowing the answer to the question whether leukorrhea affects pregnancy or not, it is important to know what is this problem after all.

What is leucorrhoea

Leukorrhea is one of the most common health problems faced by women. It is normal to have white discharge not only during pregnancy but also on other days. This problem can be seen in many women for a few days before or after menstruation.

Leukorrhea means any kind of discharge from the vagina which can be white, yellow or light red in color, although its color is mostly white. This problem is very common even in pregnancy, but the discharge should be white in color and without any odor.

If the fluid coming out of the vagina during pregnancy is light red in color or smelly, then it can be a sign of a bigger problem. In this case, immediate treatment is necessary.

Cause of leucorrhoea or White Discharge

1. Hormonal Imbalance

There are many changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy, one of which is a change in hormones. If white water comes out of the vagina during pregnancy, then it can be due to changes in the body during this time.

2. Infection

If this discharge is getting too much during pregnancy or there are problems like itching, rashes in the vagina, then it can also be a sign of infection. In such a situation, instead of treating yourself, consult a doctor. The main causes of leucorrhoea include not getting enough nutrition from the body or the presence of bacteria named ‘Trichomonas vaginales’ in the vagina.

3. uncleanliness

White watery discharge also occurs due to not cleaning the secret organs properly. Not only this, if there is a lack of blood in the body or if the immunity is weak, then due to that also the chances of this disease increase in pregnancy or even in normal condition.

4. Other Reasons

This problem can also be caused by fungal yeast in the vagina due to unhealthy eating habits such as eating more fried or junk food, frequent miscarriages or having diabetes.

Is White Discharge a sign of Pregnancy

A woman goes through this problem during pregnancy and it is believed that this white discharge during this time does not indicate any problem but a healthy pregnancy and body. It also protects the fetus from infection.

Therefore, if a pregnant woman is having white discharge from her vagina, then she does not need to worry, but keep in mind that this discharge does not turn into an infection. If you notice anything unusual during your pregnancy, tell your doctor or a specialist.

When can white water be harmful for pregnancy?

  • Slight spotting is also normal in pregnancy, but if you are constantly having red or light red discharge instead of white, then it can be a risk thing. Red colored discharge in the last stage of pregnancy also indicates delivery.
  • If this discharge is persistent or your vagina is infected, then it should be treated immediately because this infection can also affect the unborn baby.
  • If this discharge seems like water to you, then it is important to consult a doctor because if too much water is coming out then it may be that the water bag has burst, in which case you may need the help of specialists.
  • Whether this discharge is normal or abnormal, you need to identify it yourself and keep an eye on its symptoms. This type of substance is common in early pregnancy but becomes more viscous in the last months.

To avoid this white discharge turning into an infection, take care of cleanliness, use cotton undergarments, do not wear tight clothes and do not use soaps, perfumes, sprays or pads containing chemical or fragrance.

You need to be extra careful during pregnancy. In case of any changes in the body, inform your doctor immediately. Whether the discharge during pregnancy is normal or infection, it is very important to know about it because if the discharge is normal then there is no problem, but if it is an infection then the sooner it is known about it, the sooner it can be treat easily.

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