What is www, What is the full form of www – How Does it Work

What is www, What is the full form of www - How Does it Work

Friends, everyone uses the Internet. But when we open a website or webpage. Then www appears next to it. Have you ever tried to know what is the World Wide Web www?, and how does the World Wide Web work? And what is its history?

You must also have seen www in front of a website while using the Internet. But hardly you will be deeply aware of it.

But after reading this post today, you will get to know about it well. After this, if you ask anyone, you will be able to easily tell them about it. So let us now what is the World Wide Web?.


What is www and What is the full form of www

The www is the full form of the World Wide Web. It is also known as Web or W3. The World Wide Web is a group of interconnected documents, pages and other resources available on the Internet.

These pages or documents are interconnected by hyperlinks. And these interconnected pages are called Web Pages. The group of these web pages is called a website.

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To open or view any page on the World Wide Web, one has to type the URL of the web page (Uniform Resource Locator) in the search bar of Browser. And HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) is used to contact a web page.

All documents and pages (Text, Audio, Video, Image) are stored on a server. The server and WWW are connected to each other.

When a web page is searched by a user, the information from the World Wide Web server provides the user. In an easy language, WWW is an Information Storage.

Which does the work of information exchange. Now you must have understood what www are in the field of internet.

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History of www (World Wide Web)

The World Wide Web, which revolutionized the Internet, was invented in 1989 by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, a British computer scientist.

While he was a Software Engineer, he had to work on a project. And for this, their data was stored on different computers, so they were finding it very difficult to manage it.

The Internet was in circulation long back. In such a situation, an idea came to his mind, why not connect all the computers simultaneously, which will make it easier to access and manage the data.

For this he used Hypertext. In which using Hyperlinks connected different web pages together.

By October 1990 Team Berners Lee had created three technologies (Http, HTML and URL). And by 1991 the WWW had reached most parts of the world.

How does WWW work

What is the world wide web? And what is its history? We knew about it. Now, how does the World Wide Web work? Learn about it.

WWW primarily works on these four technologies (Web Browser, Html, Http and URL). Because of these, the whole process is complete.

To understand these four techniques, we have to know about them in some detail.


The full name of Html is Hypertext Markup Language. It is a Programming Language. And any Web Documents are written in a programming language. The information stored on a server is in this language.

That’s why when we open a webpage on the internet. Then it appears written with .html at the end.


Http (Hypertext transfer Protocol) is a protocol for providing information on the Internet.

When we search for URL in a browser. So a request is sent to the web server of that URL through this protocol. And

After the Web server processes the request, it is sent to Response Browser via Http.

This is how Http acts as Communicator with web servers and URLs on the Internet.

3. URL

When we access a web page in a web browser. So let’s write the URL of that webpage or website in the browser’s search bar. The full form of the URL is Uniform Resource Locator.

When we search the URL of a web page. So with the help of DNS (Domain Name System) the browser converts that URL to IP Address.

And then a request is sent to that IP address. The web server sends the appropriate information to the web browser in Html. And that information is displayed on the screen by the browser.

4. Web browser

Web browser is a software / program. Which is used by the user to access any web pages. The browser displays the information (Text, Audio, Video, Image, App etc.) searched by the user on the browser screen.

Most browsers are freeware. The first graphical web browser was Mosaic. Created by Marc Andreessen.

5. Web pages

The page available on a website is called Web Page. It is written in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). The web page resides on the website’s web server. It is accessed by the user through the URL.

Web Pages together create a website. In simple language, only a group of web pages is called a website.

6. Web server

A Web Server can be a computer program or software. It works to serve data on the Internet. Each website has a web server. Where all his data is stored. When a user searches for a URL.

The request is sent by the browser to the server of that website. And the corresponding Result through http is shown in the browser.

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What is the difference between WWW and Internet

You must have understood what the World Wide Web is or what the www means. Now we will know the difference between WWW and Internet. So that you can easily understand the difference between these two.

Internet www
The Internet was started in 1950 by Wint Curf. WWW was discovered in 1989 by Team Berners Lee.
Internet was previously named ARPANET Whereas WWW had NFSNET.
Internet can run without WWW The World Wide Web is not known to be served without the Internet.
This is a hardware. Whereas WWW is a software.
Internet uses IP address. Whereas it uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol.
The full name of the Internet is International Network. The full name of WWW is World Wide Web.

Questions related to the world wide web (www)

1. When was the World Wide Web established?
Ans: The World Wide Web was founded in 1989 by Berners Lee, a British software engineer team.

2. What are web browsers?
Ans: Currently popular web browsers used by the logo are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Netscape Navigator etc.

3. What was the first web browser?
Ans: The world’s first web browser was the World Wide Web. Which was discovered in 1991 by team Berners Lee.

Friends, this information related to the Internet is very important. Now your question is what is the World Wide Web www?, answer will be found.

I hope you know what WWW is now? There is no need to search the Internet about what the World Wide Web means. If you have missed the information related to this, then you must tell us by commenting.

What is the World Wide Web? If you liked the post, then definitely share it with your friends with social media. Thank you.