What is Web Hosting and How Does it work – Types of Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting and How Does it wor

All the websites or blogs that you see or access on the Internet are all hosted on some web hosting, but after all this is What is web hosting?, In this article today, we will learn about this in detail. To create any website or blog on the Internet, two things are first required and that is Web Hosting and Domain Name.

If you want to create a website for yourself too, then for this also you will first need these two things. Without Webhosting and Domain Name you cannot create any Professional Website.

If you too are thinking of starting a blog of your own and are keen to know more and more about web hosting, then in this article today we will try to answer all your questions related to web hosting. Because any work should start only when you have complete information related to that work.

That is why before starting work on your website, it is very important for any New Blogger to know what is Web Hosting? And how does it work?

What is Web Hosting

Like there is a house with a joint family and in that house there are separate rooms for all the family. In the same way, webhosting also happens in the world of Internet. It looks a little strange, isn’t it. Never mind, let’s understand it like this.

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Suppose the entire Internet is like a joint family’s house and all the blogs and websites on the internet are members living in that house, now that there is such a large family, then separate rooms will have to be arranged for everyone. That is why different rooms have been kept as web hosting for every blog and websites.

Meaning that the space available to manage all the websites accessed on the internet is called webhosting. Articles, photos, videos etc. are available on your website at that place only.

When you buy web hosting, you get some space (10GB, 25GB etc.) on the internet, within which you can place all the content related to your website. Such space purchased to manage your website on the Internet is called Web Space or Web Hosting in the language of the Internet.

Which ever Web Hosting Provider Company you buy web hosting from, then all the files, articles, images, videos etc. of your website are stored in a special computer, so that the content available on your website can be found in any world. Access anytime. Such special computers are hosted by the web server and the space found in that computer for our website.

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Where to Buy Web Hosting?

For any New Blogger, this question is most important, where should he get Web Hosting for his New Blog, because while starting his Blogging Journey, he does not know what is Web Hosting? And how to buy Web Hosting? And if he wants to get Hosting then where to get it from?

To buy webhosting, there are many companies on the internet from which you can get web hosting for your new blog and website.

Telling you the Name of the Popular Hosting website

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You can buy Web Hosting from any of these Hosting Provider.

If I talk about my personal level, then in all the companies also I would like to recommend Bluehost and A2 Hosting Service for your new blog because the hosting service of these two are amazing. One of the main reasons to recommend Bluehost is that WordPress itself recommends you to take Bluehost’s hosting.

And A2 Hosting is a very well known name in the world of Internet for its excellent services. It gives you 99.9% Uptime Commitment. Along with this, facilities like Free SSL Certificate, Free & Easy Site Migration, Anytime Money-back Guarantee are available.

What is Web Hosting and How Does it work

How does the web hosting process work?

Whatever information or content you want to reach people through your website or blog, all the content and information is required to be uploaded inside your webhosting first. After this, you want more and more people to read this information available on your blog.

In such a situation, whenever you run an Internet, you enter the URL (Domain Name) of your website in Web Browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer), then immediately after that internet from that particular computer (Web Server) of that domain name. Connectivity makes the web server hosting all the data stored in your website.

After the connection is created, the content of your website reaches the user’s Web Browser through the Internet from which they can access the content available on your website.

The technology that is used to create Connectivity with Webhosting of Domain Name is called DNS (Domain Name System) Technology. It is because of DNS technology that the domain name gets to know on which web server the content of your website is available. Because each server’s DNS settings are different.

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Some Important Terms While Taking Web Hosting:

Before buying anything, it is very important to think carefully about it so that later we do not have any kind of trouble. That is why, while taking Webhosting, you should also take special care of some things. By the way, any new blogger must have knowledge of some of the following things before buying web hosting.

1. Bandwidth:

What is Hosting Bandwidth?: Term named Bandwidth also plays a very important role when choosing a web hosting plan. How much data a website transmits within 1 second is called Bandwidth. All the users are accessing your website, in the meantime, the web server, after taking some data, sends that information to the users.

Now in such a situation, if you take less Bandwidth hosting and your website or blog attracts more amount of visitors, then in this situation all the chances of your website being down become complete.

2. Customer Support:

If you are a completely new blogger, then obviously it is possible that after taking webhosting, there may be some problems for you in setting it up and understanding it. For which it is very important to have a good customer support so that you can communicate easily and get a quick solution after explaining your problems.

So while doing hosting, do a little research on how his customer service is. If I talk about myself, I found Bluehost Hosting’s Customer Service very good. You can also get support from them through Live Chat. Which fully supports you.
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3. Disk Space:

What is Hosting Disk Space? Just like you can keep as much data in your computer as GB or TB has its hard disk capacity.

When you choose Webhosting plan, you get Plans and Pricing according to different Disk Space. Therefore, choose the hosting plan with Unlimited Disk Space. So that problems like Full Disk Space will not occur in future. By the way, if you want, like Blogging’s Starting Usage, then traffic can increase on your blog, then you can upgrade it.

4. Uptime:

What is Hosting Uptime ?: For how long a website stays live on the Internet, it is available that is called Uptime. And sometimes there are problems in opening your website, it is not able to open what is called downtime. You do not have to take care of this problem with such downtime in your website or blog too while purchasing web hosting.

Free HostingSo while taking Hosting, take care of its Uptime as well. Many Web Hosting Providers promise you 99.99% Uptime but later they are unable to fulfill it. So for a Trusted uptime I would like to recommend you to get Hosting from A2 Hosting which completes 99.99% Uptime Commitment as well.

Types of Web Hosting

What is Webhosting and what should you take special care to buy Web Hosting? Hope you have understood about both these topics. Now let’s talk about how many types of web hosting are there, although there are many types of web hosting, but nowadays mainly webhosting which is being used the most, we will only talk about them. Which are basically 4 types.

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Cloud Web Hosting
  • VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server)

1. What is Shared Web Hosting

As you can know from the name itself, it is a kind of webhosting. This means that this type of web hosting has a single server, in which about thousands of websites are hosted on the same server computer.

For example: When someone books a Sharing Cab to go somewhere, more people are sitting with you in that cab. By sharing cabs with other people, they become cheaper. Similarly, Shared Webhosting works, which is available at the cheapest price due to the sharing of other websites on the same server.

For new bloggers, taking such web hosting is the perfect decision because being inexpensive does not initially cost you much on your pocket. As long as your website does not become very popular and there is not much traffic on it in real time, then by Shared Webhosting you do not have any kind of problem.

But once your website is popular, when a large number of people start visiting your website, then Shared webhosting in that condition creates a little problem in handling that traffic and goes down. And by the way, when your visitors will increase, obviously your income will also increase and then you can upgrade your hosting plan.

Pros of Shared Web Hosting:

Cons of Shared Web Hosting:

  • This type of hosting cannot handle traffic at all.
  • Very few resources are available.
  • Security is not much better than Point of View.
  • The speed of the website also remains slow.

2. What is Dedicated Web Hosting

It is like your own house in which no outsiders are allowed to live. If you have your own house, then the responsibility of the whole house also belongs to you. Similarly, Dedicated Hosting also works.

In Dedicated Hosting, only you have the right to an entire server. Only the content of your website such as Files, Photos, Videos etc. are kept on that entire server. Meaning that the entire server of Dedicated Hosting stores only the data of one website within itself. That is why this server also responds very fast. Because there is no Sharing with anyone.

Because the entire server is yours, then you have to pay the full rent of that server as well, that’s why Dedicated Hosting is much more expensive than both Shared and VPS Hosting. The website that attracts approximately Millions or more visitors monthly, this hosting is for them only. As many big e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Big basket etc. are all hosted on Dedicated Web Hosting.

Pros of Dedicated Web Hosting:

  • The main feature of this type of hosting is that it can easily handle any amount of traffic on your website.
  • In case of security in Dedicated Web Hosting, there is no compromise at all.
  • Its performance is excellent.
  • In this, you get full administrative access.
  • The Host website is never Slow and Down on this hosting.

Cons of Dedicated Web Hosting:

  • This web hosting is much more expensive than all the other hosting.
  • To handle this, it is very important to have technical knowledge.

3. What is Cloud Web Hosting

This is a slightly different type of web hosting than other Hosting’s. And its use is increasing very fast. Keeping in mind the best service and strong security, a lot of Servers are used for a website. When a lot of Servers do some work together, it is called cloud.

Pros of Cloud Web Hosting:

  • It can handle High Traffic easily.
  • The% of server down is quite low.

Cons of Cloud Web Hosting:

  • The rest is more costly than Hosting.
  • Client does not get Root Access in this hosting.

4. What is VPS Web Hosting

Virtual Private Server is the full form of VPS Hosting. It works like a private server. Like Shared Hosting was like a Sharing Cab but it is like a Private Cab in which you are alone and nobody has any disturbance. Those cabs are just for you.

In VPS Hosting, the server is divided into different parts. And on the part of the server where your website is hosted, no other website has any meaning because it is a private server like a private cab, which we have not shared with anyone else. This type of webhosting uses visualization technology technology.

Pros of VPS Web Hosting:

  • Better performance than Shared Hosting.
  • Great privacy and security are available.
  • Can handle a lot of traffic.
  • It also gives you a lot of customization flexibility such as Bandwidth and Memory Upgrade.
  • It is not more costly than Dedicated Hosting, due to which one can buy by paying a little extra money from Shared Hosting to handle more traffic.
  • Customer support is also good in this.

Cons of VPS Web Hosting:

  • Shared hosting is more expensive than that.
  • This is not true for New Blogger as it should have basic technical knowledge to handle it.
  • Less resources are available than Dedicated Hosting.

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So in today’s article web hosting, you all learned what is web hosting? Where to buy webhosting and what is the type of webhosting? I hope you have understood this information well.

If you still have some questions related to webhosting, then you can ask us by writing your comment in the Comment Box below. We try our best to answer your every question so that you can get complete information about any topic.

If you want to give information about it to anyone else, then you can also share it on social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn.