What is VoWiFi? And how does it work? How to use free calling using wifi or internet?

What is VoWiFi? And how does it work?

What is VoWiFi: Technology is being updated very fast in the current era, so that you can always get a better service. If it was to be called, earlier there was a Land Line Phone or Telephone which were connected by wire. Now everyone has a mobile in their hands, which allows us to talk to each other through Network Signal. In the current era, Vo LTE call facility is being provided, so that we can make better and HD calls. But network does not always support, it happens very often that our phone does not have a good signal or there is no network in the phone and we have to talk somewhere. Now in such a situation you can use VoWiFi, just your phone should support this feature.

What is VoWiFi?

VoWiFi has a full form – Voice over WIFI. By the name you will know, it means calling through WIFI. By the way, it is also called Voice over IP VoIP, because technically calling from it is done by IP. In the normal language, the way we call WhatsApp, Facebook from the internet, similarly we are able to call by connecting to WIFI or hotspot when VoWiFi is service. But WhatsApp can call on Facebook only when the person you are calling is online, but in Vo WIFI it is not so, in this you just have to connect to any WIFI.

How does VoWiFi work? How to call from internet or wifi?

If the network signal is not coming in your mobile, and if your network service provider and your phone is providing this service. So you can talk about the network signal without connecting your mobile in any WIFI network or by connecting your mobile phone through hotspot from anyone’s mobile. VoWiFi calling will only work if your phone does not have a network or the network is very messy, you can use it even when the balance in your sim-card is over. If you want to use it for testing, then deactivate your sim-card by going to your phone setting, then you connect to WIFI and call VoWiFi.

What is VoWiFi? And how does it work?

What settings do I make to call VoWiFi?

If both your phone and network service provider support wifi call, then you can take advantage of it, just you have to enable its setting in your phone.

Follow this setting to enable VoWiFi or WIFI calling

Android: Setting – Sim cards & mobile networks – Sim card setting – Wi-Fi Calls (Enable Make calls using Wi-Fi)

iPhone: Settings> Phone> Wi-Fi Calling
But remember, before calling VoWiFi, enable VoLTE in your phone.

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