What is UPSC – UPSC Important Complete Information

What is UPSC

In this important article, today you will be able to get information about the competition examination conducted by the Government of India every year and considered to be the most prestigious. All the facts related to this examination called UPSC (Union Public Service Commission), we will introduce you here, we have full faith that this information will be very important for you, and many of your questions will also get answers here.

Students seek a variety of employment options while pursuing graduation or after successfully completing their graduation exams, and try to find employment related information.

If you want to choose from the many options available, then most of the students either look for employment in the field based on education related to graduation. Or in the state of which they are resident, they get involved in preparing for various types of competition examinations related to the government department, by which they will get the opportunity to work in various departments of the state government after being successful in these types of exams, it happens.


Most of the states of India conduct such competitive examinations, in which thousands of students are involved annually. And they are selected according to merit, but this type of examination is conducted not only by the state government, but also by the Government of India every year.

What is UPSC and Full Form

The UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) is an independent or autonomous commission of India, which conducts the Competition Examination every year to select the heads and top level employees of almost all government departments across the country. In which all undergraduate or final graduate year students from all over India can participate.

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Mainly the employees of government department class 1 and class 2 are selected by this competitive examination, which after successful selection and training, they are included in various departments throughout India and in government departments in various states.

This examination is held on a fixed day in the whole of India, in which students from various states can participate in this competitive examination by selecting their state’s examination center.

Information about the employee level to be selected by the selection process:

High level employees of the Indian Police Service, Indian Administrative Service, Indian Revenue Service, Foreign Ambassador Service of the Government of India are selected mainly through the competitive examination of the UPSC.

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Under this commission, the selection of high-level officers of the Indian Forestry Service, Indian Postal Department and some important security department employees, including high-level selections related to the National Security Academy and the National Navy Academy, etc.

Important facts for UPSC

  • Posts to be filled by the Commission
  • Eligibility criteria
  • Important Reservation Information
  • Exam Pattern and Examination Level Built-in
  • Basic course information
  • Important book information for exam preparation
  • Information to prepare for this exam
  • Information related to training of selected students
  • Some important suggestions

Eligibility for UPSC

There is necessary eligibility for this examination based on some fundamental facts, such as –

  • Citizenship: The student should be a citizen of India and should have the necessary documents related to citizenship, apart from this, citizens of Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet are also considered eligible for this examination.
  • Age: In order to be included and selected in this competition examination, the student’s age should be at least 21 years and maximum 32 years, but the reservation given in the form of Indian constitution is applicable here, which according to the government rules, the students have to go to their Is given according to class.
  • Education Eligibility: Final year graduates and students who have successfully completed the graduation examination can appear in this examination, and only the students who have completed the graduate examination at the last time are considered eligible for selection. This means that the graduation level is valid only by the Commission for selection by this competition.
  • Reservation: The reservation given by the Commission on the basis of all the facts of the Government of India applies here. And 33.3% reservation has been fixed for women.

UPSC Exam Syllabus

1. Paper 1 – General Studies

In this paper, questions related to issues related to social awakening, Indian history, geography, culture, general knowledge, economics, foreign affairs and its impact on India, etc. are asked.

2. Paper 2 – CSAT

In this, questions related to English language related questions such as understanding, words of similar meaning, words of opposite meaning, grammar, vocabulary along with it, logic, eligibility related to problem solving, analytical skills are asked.

Main exam syllabus

The information of the main examination given above also includes the syllabus and marks of the main examination, you can get more information from there.

How to prepare for UPSC competition exam?

You have to get into the habit of studying at least 6 hours daily, which includes daily reading of daily newspaper too. Also, the habit of making your own notes can prove to be very helpful.

One should always read the information from sources which provide good and correct information, apart from this, the books suggested by the Commission must be read.

Which books to read?

Although there is no fixed book for this competitive exam, yet you must read the book suggested by the commission, in addition to reading books informed by some guide persons, it can be beneficial for you.

Information related to training of selected students

All the selected students are trained at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Administration Training Academy, Uttarakhand, besides the students of Police Service are trained at Police Academy, Hyderabad.

Nature of competition exam

These exams are taken in 3 major stages which include pre exam, main exam and interview.

1. Pre-Examination:

This is the first stage of the competition, which is of an objective written form in which one of the four options is to choose the correct option. In this, two different topics are tested, such as,

  • General Studies – 100 Questions
  • Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) – 40 questions

Pre-examination is taken for primary qualification, in which eligible students are considered eligible for the main examination.

2. Main Examination:

By pre-examination, the eligible students are selected for the second phase of the competition. the main examination. Here 4 types of papers have to be given to the student out of which 2 types of papers are taken for qualification like,

  • Paper A: – In this, the student has to choose a language which is valid and given in the Indian Constitution and give a paper of 300 marks on it.
  • Paper B: The second paper is an English subject which is of 300 marks.

Both of these papers have to be successfully completed by the students based on the conclusions given by the commission, hence they are also called qualifying papers.

Information about other 7 papers:

  • Paper 1 – Essay Writing – (250 Marks)
  • Paper 2 – General Studies 1 – This includes Indian history, geography, geography of the world and history and social science. – (250 marks)
  • Paper 3 – General Studies 2- It covers topics like Indian Constitution, Governance, State Science, Foreign Affairs and Social Justice. (250 marks)
  • Paper 4 – General Studies 3 – It mainly covers subjects like Emergency Security, Indian Economy, Biodiversity, Security and Mechanism.
  • Paper 5 – General Studies 4 – This paper covers topics like ethics, merit, universality.

The remaining 2 papers are optional, which students have to choose from the list given by the commission according to their interest. Both these papers are also of 250 marks, thus the main exam is of 1750 marks.

3. Interview:

The next step is the interview, which is 275, which in the end is added by the marks of the main examination of the successful students in the main examination. In this way, there are two stages of 2025 digits. Only the student who is successful in the interview is finally selected.

Important suggestion

  • Always keep discussing with your friends etc. for preparing for this exam, especially from those who are preparing for this exam.
  • Make a habit of reading the newspaper daily
  • Make notes on important events from the newspaper
  • All the competition must keep getting information from important sources of the exam.

I Hope that the information given will prove to be very helpful for you and whatever questions were there in your mind about this exam will have been resolved. Many thanks for staying connected with us.

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1. What is the full form of UPSC?

Ans: UPSC means Union Public Service Commission.

2. What is the age-related eligibility for the UPSC Competition Examination?

Ans: At least 21 years and maximum 32 years, the age-related rules can be changed in the state of reservation here.

3. How many steps have to be completed to be selected in the UPSC exam?

Ans: In order to be selected by this competitive examination, students have to pass the pre-exam, main examination and interview through 3 such stages successfully.

4. How many times can the general category students attempt for the UPSC Competitive Examination?

Ans: 6 attempts are made by the Commission to the general category students according to the class, which has been fixed up to 32 years of age.

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