What is the Population of India as of 2023?

What is the Population of India as of 2022?

Today we will know what the total population of India is as per 2020-2023. Friends, if we talk about India’s population by 2023, India is the second most populous country in the world, and the country which comes first from the point of view of population is China.

Regardless of population or area, our name of India only comes in the top 10. India ranks seventh in terms of area. And in the second place according to the population. For your information, let me tell you that census is done after every 10 years in India. This is done so that according to the last census, we can know how much population has increased this time.

According to the 2011 census, the total population of India was more than about 120 crores. If we talk about the whole world, then the population of the whole world is more than 7.8 billion. According to this, 17.6% percent of the entire world population is in India. And China is the most populous country in the world with 18.46%.

What is the population of India?

The census in India was done in 2011, according to which the population of India was 1 billion 20 crores. According to the United Nations Population Report, between 2010 and 2019, India’s total annual growth rate of population has increased from 1.3 to 1.38, which is double the annual growth rate of China.

According to this, the population of India in 2020 is approximately (1,383,974,856) 1 billion 37 crores. This population estimate is based on the estimated figures of population growth rate. The actual population will be known only after the census. Which could possibly be started on 2021.

Information about the total population of India has been taken from WorldMeter.info and some other websites. According to which the population of our country India is increasing, if the population continues to grow like this, then in the coming time, India will overtake China. Currently, China has a population of 144 crores.

World 10 most population countries:

According to the list of top 10 countries in the world by population and according to the growth rate, an approximate figure of their population by 2050 is given below.

Sr No. Country 2020
Estimated population
Growth Pop %
2000 – 2020
1 China 1,439,323,775 1,301,627,046 13.5 %
2 India 1,383,974,857 1,656,553,634 37.0 %
3 United States 331,002,652 398,328,347 17.4 %
4 Indonesia 273,523,614 300,183,164 27.8 %
5 Pakistan 220,892,341 290,847,792 44.8 %
6 Brazil 212,559,418 232,304,179 21.8 %
7 Nigeria 206,139,588 391,296,756 66.4 %
8 Bangladesh 164,689,382 193,092,765 27.8 %
9 Russia 145,934,464 129,908,088 – 0.7 %
10 Mexico 128,932,755 150,567,505 29.3 %

Several schemes are being run by the Government of India to make people aware against the population. If we talk about China, which is the world’s most populous country, China has been successful to a great extent in reducing its population. India will also have to control the rapidly growing population.

One of the main reasons for increasing population in India is illiteracy and vote bank politics. Many people are not aware of this thing due to illiteracy. At the same time, politics in the name of vote bank is also to blame for this to a large extent. Whenever there is talk of law of population control, some people start doing negative politics on this by citing religion.

If all this continues like this, then there may be a shortage of even the basic needs of the person in the coming future. Today the way in which drinking water is lacking in the whole country. How long will this country be able to bear the burden of increasing population. For this, the government and responsible people will have to come forward.

Population of the states of India:

As you all know that there are 28 states and 9 centrally governed states in India. Here we have given a list of states and their population, from which you will get to know the state of India and their population.

Sr No. State / Union Territory Total population Population percentage
1. Uttar Pradesh 19,98,12,342 16.48
2. Maharashtra 11,23,74,334 9.26
3. Bihar 10,40,99,453 8.62
4. West Bengal 9,12,76,114 4.52
5. Andhra Pradesh 8,45,80,778 6.96
6. Madhya Pradesh 7,26,26,808 6.01
7. Tamil Nadu 7,24,47,032 5.98
8 Rajasthan 6,85,48,474 5.04
9 Karnataka 6,10,95,298 4.98
10. Gujrat 6,04,39,693 3.45
11. Odisha 4,19,74,216 2.74
12. Kerala 3,34,06,063 2.74
13. Jharkhand 3,29,88,135 2.56
14. Assam 3,12,05,578 2.22
15. Punjab 2,77,43,336 2.15
16. Chhattisgarh 2,55,45,194 2.08
17. Haryana 2,53,51,464 1.37
18. Delhi 1,67,87,943 1.02
19. Jammu and Kashmir 1,25,41,304 1.05
20. Uttarakhand 1,00,86,296 0.82
21. Himachal Pradesh 68,64,604 0.56
22. Tripura 36,73,918 0.31
23. Meghalaya 29,66,888 0.24
24. Manipur 27,27,747 0.24
25. Nagaland 19,78,506 0.15
26. Goa 14,58,544 0.13
27. Arunachal Pradesh 13,83,726 0.12
28. Puducherry 12,47,952 0.12
29. Mizoram 10,97,208 0.07
30. Chandigarh 10,55,452 0.08
31. Sikkim 6,10,578 0.06
32. Andaman and Nicobar Islands 3,80,585 0.04
33. Dadra and Nagar Haveli 3,43,704 0.04
34. Daman and Diu 2,43,249 0.03
35. Lakshadweep 64,472 0.02

Population of states of India

The list given above is according to Census 2011. The next census is expected in 2021. Only after which you will be able to get accurate information of the current population.

Population of neighboring countries:

So friends, you must have known how much the total population of India. If we talk about the neighboring countries of India, then tell you that according to the population of Bangladesh, number 8 comes at number, its total population is 15 crore 34 lakhs. At the same time, if Nepal has a population of 28.6 million, its population is 2.16 crore.

If we talk about Bhutan, then in 2003 it has a population of about 7,52,800. At the same time, if we talk about the neighboring country of India, Pakistan, then it comes at number 5 in the whole world, its total population is 22 crore 75 lakhs.

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US and Russia population

When it comes to the population of India, China and Pakistan, and if the two biggest superpowers in the world are not made, then it seems a bit incomplete. Russia is the largest country in the whole world in terms of area. It has a population of 14.56 million. The population of this country is much less than its area which is a very good thing.

At the same time, the area of ​​United States of America which we know as United States America is the third largest area in the world. According to this, the population of America, the third largest country in the world, is about 339.95 million.

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