What is SSC Exam? Complete Information of SSC Exam

What is SSC Exam? Complete Information of SSC Exam

You must have seen that all the students do a lot of studies to improve their life, but the students are able to do the study properly, who have full knowledge of that course, that is why in this article today we will tell you about SSC. Let’s know what is SSC exam, what are the types of SSC exam and what are the patterns in SSC. That is, you will get to read all the information related to SSC exam in this article.

Friends, to get any government job, we have to give an exam and you can easily get a government job through SSC exam, that’s why you know what SSC is, if you want to get a government job through SSC.

If you have done a good course, then you will know about SSC because the student who takes a course then comes to the question of doing a government job, for this reason, the educated student will know about this exam but those who are in the village We live in them, very few people know about it. That is why through this article, we are going to tell all the people about SSC exam.

What is SSC?

SSC Full Form: – Staff Selection Commission

SSC exam has been created by the Government of India and this exam started in 1977 and we can call this exam a board exam and through this exam, students are given a government job which are employees of group B and Group C.

SSC exam is very good for the current student because by qualifying this exam, he gets a government job and anyway most students have to read and get a government job, and many students also dream of SSC exam. To do a Government Job by announcing.

This exam can be given to every student who has job through SSC exam and right now a lot of students are working very hard to clear this exam and you too need to know about this exam because you too can take this exam You can get government jobs.

This exam is very important for those students who want to take a job only through SSC and its most important thing is that every year there are exams and there are many types of exams in SSC which have been told below.

Types of SSC exam

Now you have read above that SSC exams are very different, the same list has been given below, which describes which exams are held in SSC.

  • SSC JE

If you can also do any one of these exams then you can get a job on any post of government department.



Through this exam, all those people are given jobs, who want to study only till 12th, because there are many students who want to do the job immediately after completing 12th.

This exam is very good for all those who think of taking a job after 12th and it is very good because 4984 posts are recruited through the medium of this exam.

Job Profile After SSC CHSL Exam
  • Lower divisional clerk (LDC)
  • Junior Secretariat assistant
  • Postal assistant
  • Sorting assistant
  • Data entry operator

What is SSC CGL


Friends, SSC CGL can give this exam to any student and every student can participate in this exam, that means you are eligible for this exam after graduation.

But the student who wants to give this exam is given 3 subjects in graduation, in which the student has to choose one and has to complete his studies, then you have to study any one of the 3 subjects and get a degree in Graduation. After that you can participate in this exam.

Job Profile After SSC CGL Exam

If you will clear this exam, then you do not know which post will be given the job, you are being given a list through which you can know which post will be given the job.

  • Assistant audit officer
  • Assistant account officer
  • Income tax officer
  • Assistant superintendent
  • Food Inspector tax
  • Assistant divisional accountant
  • Assistant Section Officer
  • Upper divisional clerk (UDC)



Friends, in the present time, there are many students who are studying engineering, but for students who have completed JUNIOR ENGINEER, this is the exam because through this exam, junior engineer can also get a good job. For this, you only have to do the exam of SSC JE.

Job Profile After SSC JE Exam
  • Civil junior engineer
  • Mechanical junior engineer
  • Electrical junior engineer
  • Surveying and contract engineer

What is SSC Camp?

Friends, by doing this course, you can get a job in the police department.

  • Sub-inspector
  • inspector
  • Assistant sub inspector

SSC CGL Exam Pattern

You have to give SSC exam in 4 times and firstly your online exam is taken twice and after that you have to take offline exam in which subjective questions are asked in the first and then when you have your 4 exam, you will have it Computer training is provided.

SSC Exam Eligibility

You have been told above that different exams have been conducted for all jobs, that is why we will tell you what qualifications you should have to give SSC exams.

First of all you should be a citizen of India

Age limit: – There are a lot of SSC exams, due to which the age limit of all the examinations is different.
Educational Qualification: – Now tell you that there is different age limit for all exams, in the same way the callings are also different, that is, you have to give your qualification according to the exam you want to get by giving the exam.

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Friends, through this article you must have known what is SSC? How to give SSC exam, how many patterns are there in SSC and what jobs can be done by giving SSC EXAM, you can get a lot of SSC related. We have given all the information in this article.

That is why I hope that you would have liked this article, if you liked this article then make sure to bring this article to your friends so that your friends can also know about SSC.

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