What is Seller.json File – How to fix Google AdSense Seller.json

What is Seller.json File - How to fix Google AdSense Seller.json

Friends, if you are also blogging and you have received the approval of AdSense, then you must have received Seller.json notification in your AdSense account. So did you find a solution for that notification? Yes, you must have found it right then you have reached my article.

Friends, in today’s article I will tell you what Seller.json is after all and if we are getting this notification in our AdSense account then what should we do so that this notification goes away.


What is Seller.json in Google AdSense

First of all, let me tell you that Seller.json is not an error and this will not affect the monetization of your blog. Simply put, the Seller.json file is a publicly available information for the purpose of maintaining transparency between Publishers and Advertisers.

The Seller.json file stores Google AdSense publisher’s data. Publisher means that because you are publishing advertisers’ ads in your website, therefore you are a publisher.


You do not have to be very worried about seeing this notification because as I told you above that it is not an error, it is just to maintain transparency between Advertisers and Publishers. So that advertisers know in which website its ADS is being shown.

you must know that if an advertiser gives you money in exchange for publishing their ads through Google AdSense, then that advertiser should also know that in which website his ads are being shown.


By including your information in the Seller.json file, the advertiser can easily identify and verify the websites in which their ads are appearing. The Seller.json file facilitates transparency between Google AdSense publisher and advertisers.

How to Fix AdSense Seller.json File: Step By Step

Friends, as I have already told you that Seller.json is not an error and its solution is also very easy, I will tell you the complete process step by step below.

1. First of all, you have to login to your Google AdSense account and then you will get to see yellow notification on the top of your dashboard, you have to click on the action. If you do not see it on the dashboard, then you have to click in the notification icon. You will get the notification of Seller.json. You have to click on the action.

What is Seller.json File - How to fix Google AdSense Seller.json

2. By clicking on the action, you will automatically get to the Account Information settings.

3. After going into account information settings, you have to find Seller information Visibility.

4. In Seller Information Visibility, By Default Confidential Selection is selected. You have to select Transparency there and enter the domain name of your website. Remember only the domain name is to be entered. The URL is not to be entered only.

5. Finally, after entering the domain name, click on the link in the side, the settings you have changed will be automatically changed and the issue of Seller.json will be removed from your website in a few hours.

Now talk about what kind of information is collected in the Seller.json file, then let me tell you that if you leave the default settings, then your name and your domain name will not be stored in the Seller.json file, only your Google AdSense’s publisher ID will be the store.

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If you want, you can see Seller.json from here and in this file you can see the information and list of all publishers, your publisher ID will also be included in this list.

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