What is RAM How Does RAM Work – What is the Type of RAM?

What is RAM How Does RAM work - What is the Type of RAM?

What is RAM, How does RAM work: Whenever we buy a new computer or mobile. So our first question to the shopkeeper is that how much GB is RAM in it?, We should also ask more because it is an important part of our mobile. On which speed and performance of mobile and computer depends?

But have you ever thought what is RAM? and how it increases the speed of our mobile. Normally about RAM, everyone says that keeping the RAM empty of the mobile, the mobile runs fast and does not even hang.


But have you ever wondered how RAM increases the speed of our mobiles? And why does keeping the RAM empty does not cause the mobile to hang?

So what is RAM in today’s post?, what is RAM Full Form? Types of RAM and how it works?, etc.


What is RAM?

RAM full form is Random Access Memory. This memory is like a chip made of (MOS) metal oxide semiconductor.

It is a volatile memory. The store data in this is temporary. That is, to power the PC to Shut Down. All the data stored in it is destroyed.


It is of lesser size in computers and mobiles. Such as 2GB, 3GB, 4GB, 6GB or 8GB. When we run a program in our computer.

So Run is done inside the RAM from Computer Memory by Program CPU. That is, whatever work we do on our computer. RAM is used for that. Now you must have understood what Mobile RAM.

How does RAM work?

This question must have come in your mind too, how does this RAM work? And what difference does it make on the performance of our mobile or computer. So let’s get to know about the function of RAM.

Whenever you play a game on your computer or mobile or open a software or application. Or watch a movie. So your mobile reads the space requirement separately. Where all these things could be done.

Like if you play a game on your mobile, the game is already saved in memory. It brings in CPU RAM. And then the game plays and remains in RAM while we play it.

You must have seen many times that when you open many applications simultaneously in your mobile. And later on locking the mobile, all the applications are closed.

This is due to the RAM being a Volatile Memory. When your system’s RAM is high, there will not be much load on the CPU. This will speed up your system.

What is the type of RAM?

Now when talking about the types of RAM, RAM is usually of two types. SRAM and DRAM.

SRAM (Static RAM)

The full name of SRAM is (Static Random Access Memory). It does not read the need to refresh it again and again. The data remains in this store till then. As long as the computer has Power On.

It accesses the data very fast. It is also known by another name, Cash Memory. This memory is significantly more expensive than DRAM. And produces more heat than DRAM.

DRAM (Dynamic RAM)

DRAM has a full form (Dynamic Random Access Memory). It is cheaper than SRAM.

It reads the need to refresh it again and again. Because its speed is very slow. And it is also cheaper than SRAM. And it is less hot.

Most computers and mobiles use this RAM. Due to volatile memory, the data power in it remains as long as it is running.

What is memory and how many types are there?

Computer memory is that part of computer. Where we can store and keep data and Instruction. That is, memory information provides storage facilities.

If there is no memory in the computer, then we will not be able to save any data in the computer.

Just like we read the need of the mind to remember anything. Similarly, computer also needs memory to save data.

Computer memory is divided into small parts. Which we call Cell. And each cell has different cell address. Where data is stored in binary number (0-1).

There are mainly two types of computer memory: Primary Memory and Secondary Memory.

What is primary memory and how many types are there?

This is the main memory of the computer. Primary memory is a part of a computer’s CPU (Central Processing Unit). Therefore it is also called Internal Memory or Internal Memory.

This memory keeps the running program or their Input and Output data stored for some time. When the computer is switched off or the power supply is stopped, all the data stored in it gets deleted.

In simple language, it stores memory data only when the computer is in a running state.

The size of this memory is small. But its speed is very fast. So that whenever needed, data can be taken from the computer immediately. There are mainly two types of primary memory: RAM and ROM.

How much RAM should be

What is the meaning of RAM and Types of RAM and RAM so far? They must have understood this, now we know. How much RAM is required in our mobile or computer.

Friends, you have to decide for yourself how much RAM the mobile should have. For what purpose do you have to take mobile

If you need to run Gaming or more advanced software. So you will need more RAM.

The same if you have to take mobile or laptop for normal work like browsing, preparing presentation or internet. So your work will also run with less RAM.

As more RAM of your computer is more, you will be able to multitasking on your system and the speed of the system will also be fast.

If I ask my opinion in this, I will tell you that there should be at least 4GB of RAM. Because some RAM is already covered by the System App.

Nowadays applications and software are also in larger size. And if you are more fond of fast performance. You can also have a system with 6GB or 8GB.

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Guys I sincerely hope you have what is RAM? Complete information about RAM’s full form and RAM type etc. would have been found.

If there is any Doubt in your mind then you must tell us by commenting. And it is necessary for everyone to have this general information about RAM.

So share this post with your friends as much as possible. So that they too can get information about the RAM of the phone that they use daily.

Some important questions related to RAM

Q.1 What is the full form of RAM?
Ans. Random Access Memory

Q.2 What type of memory is RAM?
Ans. RAM is Volatile Memory.

Q.3 RAM is made of which material?
Ans. Metal oxide semiconductor

Q.4 What is the type of RAM?
Ans. Two types 1. SRAM and 2. DRAM

Q.5 Which part of RAM computer is installed?
Ans. The motherboard of RAM Computer is installed.

Q.6 When and who discovered RAM?
Ans. RAM was discovered in 1968 by Robert Dennard.

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