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What is Internet and How Does it work

What is Internet and How Does it work: Today everyone uses the Internet. And it is very difficult for us to spend a few moments without internet. But some people do not know what the Internet is and how it works. So in today’s post, I am going to give you some basic information related to the Internet.

What is Internet and How Does it work. Along with this in today’s post, you will get the development of internet, how internet works, full form of internet and the advantages and disadvantages of internet. Information about Internet is going to be received.

What is internet

The Internet is a network of very large networks. Which can provide us a lot of information and information in a moment. Internet is also called Internet. Internet in easy language means that many computers are connected or connected. In the word Internet, the word inter means connected and Net means net.


Father of the Internet is called Wint Curfe and Robert E. Kahn. Who started it in 1950. It consists of public, private and global scope networks.

The data available on the Internet is controlled by the protocol. TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) is used to exchange information over the Internet. On the Internet, a file is divided into small parts by a file server via TCP / IP. And these are called packets.

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Full form of internet – International network.

How does the Internet work ?

Internet plays a very big role in our lives. And with its help, we can know about any news or any information in a moment. But do you know how it works?

If we search anything on the Internet, we get its result in just a few seconds. Have you ever thought how we get information so quickly? What is internet? In addition to this, I am also telling you about the working of the internet in this post.

What is Internet, even if you already know about it. How does Internet work, you will hardly know about it before.

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Internet optic fiber runs via cable. Which are also known as submarine cable. Which is lying in the sea all over the world. And through these cables, servers of all countries are connected. This cable is very thin and each cable has a speed of more than about 100 GBPS.

If you use wireless internet. So for this, whatever mobile tower is installed around you. It remains connected to this cable. And then you are informed by the antenna on the tower.

We search anything on the Internet, we get thousands of mill away from these data centers through these cables. Which can access your device from the IP address of your device. The submarines cable is connected to many landing points.

Development of internet

Currently the developed form of Internet. Which is the result of the hard work of many scientists. The US Department of Defense established the DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) project to connect computers and gain technological edge. On 21 November 1969, ARPANET (Advance Research Project Agency Network) first link was established between Standard Research Institute and California University under this project.

NOSAR was the first network combination of ARPANET outside the US. Which was established in the year 1973 between Norway and America. Internet came to Asia after 1980. Earlier, there was no trend of internet in Asia.

The first Internet in India was started in 1995 in Kolkata. Internet services in India were first under VSNL (Vides Sanchar Nigam Limited). It connected the other computers of the world to the computers of India. After this, the Government of India expanded the Internet by starting the participation of private companies.

What is Internet and How Does it work

Advantages of Internet

Internet has many advantages in today’s time. The Internet has made many of our tasks easier. Even the internet is giving us employment at home. Internet usage is proving beneficial in every department nowadays. Advantages of Internet are as follows.

  • Through internet, we can connect with anyone very easily. And can exchange any information.
  • Paper or paper is saved due to internet. Because we can publish any document online.
  • There is a lot of increased use of internet in business. Like to advertise a product etc.
  • Banking system has also become very easy for us through internet. And we can easily do transactions from our mobile phones sitting at our home.
  • On the Internet, we repeatedly search for any kind of information. So its data gets saved in our device. Which takes a very short time to search the next time.
  • Now we can do shopping sitting at home due to internet. Or you can also book tickets or reservations for any journey.

Disadvantages of Internet

After knowing the advantages of internet and what is internet, we also know about the disadvantages of internet. Even we put as much personal information as we have on the Internet. People also misuse it. Some of the disadvantages of internet are as follows.

  • Virus can enter into any computer through the Internet. With which he can steal the personal details of that computer.
  • On many websites on the Internet, personal details are put up for registration by the people. Which is not safe.
  • Internet is one of the main reasons for waste of time. Because running the internet without any need is a waste of time.
  • There are many websites on the Internet that place pornographic videos. Due to which young children get wrong education.
  • Some people get addicted to the Internet. Due to which there is a risk of their health loss.

Uses of the internet

At present, there will hardly be any area where there is no internet access. Because the Internet has made many of our tasks very easy. Due to which it has also become necessary to use it.

1. Employment

Applying for a job online through the Internet has become very easy. And companies can also advertise for work.

Today, the trend of making money from the Internet is also going on. People are making money by working online. There are many ways to earn money online. There are many ways like blogging, or freelancing. With whom you can earn money online.

2. Business

The Internet has proved to be very profitable in the field of business. Through the Internet, producers and sellers have come very close. With this, the producer of one country can sell his product to the seller of another country very easily.

3. Entertainment

In earlier times, very few resources were available for the entertainment of the people. But with the help of internet, people find many ways of entertainment. For example, people can entertain themselves by playing games, watching movies or doing many other activities on the Internet.

4. Tourism

If we go for many trips, then before going to do research about the place there. And the Internet is very useful for this. With this, we can see the path of some place very easily on Google Map.

In addition, people traveling in the train have the facility to track the train from their mobile phones. Which is possible only through the Internet.

5. Online ticket booking

Booking a train or flight ticket online via the Internet has become very easy. Which we can also book through our mobile phone. And for this, we do not even have to pay any money separately.

6. Communication

Internet has a huge contribution in the field of communication. The current communication system has become possible due to the Internet. Previously, where we had to send any information to anyone, we used to read writing letters for it. And it took several days to reach that letter.

And in today’s time, we can talk to anyone in a moment on a call or even on a video call. Which is possible only through the Internet.

7. Banking

The current banking system is possible only because of the Internet. With the internet, we can manage our bank account from anywhere in the world. And this automated process has also been possible due to this.

Due to internet, we have been able to get facilities like mobile banking. So that we do not have to go to the bank every time for a transaction.

8. Online shopping

Everyone is busy these days. People do not have that much time to go to the market to buy anything small. People like to buy online for this. And all this has been possible only after the internet.

Buying online can save people time as well as money. Some cheap products are available from the internet on the product market.

9. Education

Internet access is also beneficial in the field of education. Through the internet, students can get any information in a moment. And on the internet, coaching of many courses is also available for free. So that students do not have to pay coaching fees separately.

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Friends, I hope that the information given to you in this post is what is internet, development of internet, How Does it work, And the advantages and disadvantages of internet and the uses of internet will be liked.

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General Quiz FAQ:

Q1. What is Internet?
Ans: Internet is a network of multiple interconnected computers that connect any computer in the world through a router and a server.

Q2. When did the Internet come to India?
Ans: Internet came to India in the 80s.

Q3. Which was the first website of the Internet?
Ans: The first web page on the Internet was published on August 6, 1991, whose link is http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/TheProject.html.

Q4. What work does the internet do?
Ans: The Internet exchanges information between more than one computer.

Q5. What is the old name of internet?
Ans: The old name of Internet is “Internet Project”.

Q6. When was the Internet first used?
Ans: On 29 October 1969, the first message was sent via Arpanet.