What is Backlink – What is Backlinks in SEO

What is Backlink - What is Backlinks in SEO

It is very important for every New Blogger and Website Owners to know what is Backlink and why is Backlink important for SEO? And if you do blogging, how can you create a backlink?

As many new bloggers are, they do not know much about Backlinks and as much as they know a little, Confusion remains in the mind about what are backlinks and how do they work?

Every new blogger keeps doing some research all the time to get a large amount of Organic Traffic on his blog. How to do good SEO for a blog? Regarding this, some New Techniques keep searching.

If you want to succeed in blogging, then it is important that your blog brings organic traffic through search engine, but to get organic traffic from search engine, SEO is important and when it comes to SEO, one important thing related to Backlinks Apart from SEO, which is a very important link to bring traffic to your blog. Which we are going to talk about today.

Whatever Confusion and questions you have about backlinks, I hope that after reading this post carefully today, they will all be cleared. So therefore, please read this article carefully from beginning to end.

What is Backlink?

Any link given on any website or blog on which visitors click on your website or blog after clicking on it, then the link which has been linked in another blog, acts as backlinks for your blog.

Let us understand this in a little more easy words. Suppose you have a blog and if I link the URL of a post in your blog to a post in my blog, and visitors to my blog reach your blog by clicking on that link, then your blog has been given to you. Post links are backlinks for your blog.

All the links that come to your blog through the links of other blogs, all links are total backlinks to your blog. So if seen, Backlinks are external links in a way, after clicking on them, visitors visit your blog from another website or blog.

If the link of one of your blog posts is on a website or blog where a lot of visitors come, then the chances of getting a lot of traffic on your blog also increases through that link.

If you get a lot of visitors from there, then gradually your page views will increase in future, due to which your blog will also be ranked well in Search Engine or Google. Now you slowly understand how important backlinks are to the SEO of any blog.

What is backlink? After knowing so much about backlinks, it is very important for SEO to know even the smallest form of it. Only then you will get to know about Backlinks in depth and will be able to use it in your blogging area. So let’s understand every little bit of backlinks.

Some Important Terms of Backlinks:

1. External Links:
It is a little different in that we link the URL of another blog’s posts inside our blog posts. Which are very important for ranking in Search Engine.

2. Internal links:
When we link the URL of a post in our blog to another article in our own blog, this kind of linking is called internal linking. This method is very accurate to rank any article in Google, such as suppose an article of your blog is ranked at the top in Google, then you can also do linking of other posts of your blog to that post so that the rest of the posts You will also get a lot of help in getting ranked in Google.

3. Low-Quality links:
Links coming from any Harvested sites, spam sites, and Automated sites on your blog are called low-quality links. These types of links are very harmful for your blog, which instead of increasing the SEO of your blog further reduces it.

4. High-Quality links:
As much as it is harmful to get links from spam sites, getting links from a website with a good authority is not less than an SEO Magic for your blog. For example, if you get a link from a high authority website like Wikipedia.com and Quora.com, then it comes in high-quality links.

5. Anchor Text:
While writing the article in our blog, we add some Hyperlink in between and then create some Clickable Text, after clicking on it, visitors are redirected to another post or another website, Clickable Text created in this way inside Blog Post The same is called Anchor Text.

Adding Anchor Text inside any blog post is very beneficial for SEO. If you understand in very simple terms, then the text that we use for Hyperlink inside Blog Post is Anchor Text.

6. Link Juice:
When an article in your blog or the homepage of your blog is linked to a web-page, it is called Link Juice. Link Juice is very important in increasing Domain Authority and in Search Ranking of Article.

Now you have learned about all the small terms of backlinks above, but if categorized backlinks, then there are mainly two types which are also important to know to be a successful blogger.

Types of Backlinks in SEO

There are two types of backlinks. First No-Follow Backlinks and Second Do-Follow Backlinks.

1. What is NoFollow Backlinks

No-Follow Backlink link does not pass juice from one blog to another. No-follow does not give backlinks much importance from Google SEO perspective, but somewhere such links give your blog posts a little advantage in Search Ranking.

The link that is created by commenting on a blog post also falls under the category of No-Follow Backlinks and on High Authority Websites like Wikipedia and Quora, the linking in No-Follow Backlinks also counts.

No-follow occurs with the Backlink Attribute. for example:-
<a href=”yourwebsitename.com” rel=”nofollow”> Link Text </a>

Important Tip: Try to have a similarity in creating Do-Follow Backlinks and No-Follow Backlinks. It is not that you should keep the main focus in creating Do-Follow Backlinks only. Along with this, keeping a few No-Follow Backlinks is very important in the eyes of Google. For this, your website or blog can also be termed as Penalize by Google.

2. What is DoFollow Backlinks

Do-Follow Backlinks have a big hand to rank the articles of any blog in Google or any search engine. Do-Follow Backlink link juice passes from one blog to another.

All the External links we link inside our blog posts, they do the work of Do-Follow Backlinks for all other blogs. And if someone links any of your posts on his blog, then he will do the work of Do-Follow Backlinks for your blog.

Any Do-Follow Backlink occurs without any Attribute. For example: –

<a href=”yourwebsitename.com”> Link Text </a>

Guest-posting on other blogs is a great way to create high quality do-follow backlinks.

How to make High Quality Backlinks?

How to Create Dofollow Backlinks? Gradually any new blogger can understand what is the backlink, and what is the importance of backlinks in the field of blogging. How important are backlinks to improve blog SEO? But creating Quality Backlinks for your blog is not an easy task for any new blogger.

It is very important to create high quality backlinks for your new blog so that more visitors can come to your blog and people will also get to know your blog. Because due to backlinks, the better SEO your blog is, the more visitors will visit your blog and the more money you can earn from your blog. Let’s know how you can create backlinks for your blog?

1. Also do Guest Post.

Many bloggers add the feature of guest post to their blog itself. This way of getting high quality Do-Follow Backlinks is very much in vogue in the blogging field nowadays. If you want to get backlinks from a high authority website or blog, then guest posting is a great way for their blog.

2. Write Awesome Content.

This is the best way to get Quality Backlinks for your new blog. A good content is the life of any blog. Try to give visitors a good content on your blog so that they get to learn something from the information they receive. After writing a good content, with the help of On Page SEO, your blog posts can be ranked on the 1st page of Google.

3. Start Commenting.

Start commenting on the posts of other Blogs of Niche in your blog. By doing this, you will not get Do-Follow Backlinks, but with the help of No-Follow Backlinks, your blog posts will help a lot in getting ranked in Google.

Make comments only on those blogs or websites on which you also get the option to enter the URL of your website while writing a comment. So do not forget to enter the URL of your blog or any of your posts while commenting.

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By doing this, you can promote your blog with the help of other blogs. Due to which other bloggers and their visitors will also start to learn about your blog slowly and traffic will gradually increase on your blog as well. Click here to guest post in our blog RNkhabri.

I hope today this article “What is Backlink? How to create Backlinks for Blog SEO? ” Will your basics related to backlinks become clear after reading? If there is still any question related to this or you want to say something about this article, then you can write your point in the Comment Box below.

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