4 Thrilling Ways to Propose her if you Both like Adventure

4 Thrilling Ways to Propose her if you Both like Adventure

It is really difficult to propose your girlfriend or boyfriend. Many movies and TV series make this moment very special and because of this, even in ordinary life, there is pressure on you to make this moment special for your girlfriend. If you want to propose your partner for marriage and are looking for some different way for this then your trouble ends here. Actually, we have brought here some such ways for you, with the help of which you can propose to your partner and at the same time make this moment special and adventurous.

Romantic Boat Ride

The best option to propose is a romantic boat ride. If you want, you can also take a photographer with you to capture this special moment. Because of this, do not forget to book a river cruise or a speed boat or a simple boat for yourself. This will not only be a great date, but you can also propose your date in an intimate setting.

Horse Riding

Trying some new adventure on a date is not common among couples. Because of this, if you want, you can take your date for a romantic horse ride and you can propose to them by stopping there. You can ask your riding instructor to take pictures if you wish. This is really a great way to surprise your partner.


If you really want to give a wonderful surprise to your partner, then go camping with them. You can plan a beautiful campsite dinner and play romantic songs together. Or if you want to make it even more special then you can go for the Meteor shower. And go for star-viewing and ask questions to the partner while watching the shooting star.

Propose in the Vineyard

If you want, you can plan a trip to the vineyard and both can propose to your partner while trying fresh wine together.

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