Know How Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif’s Married life will be According to the Horoscope

Know How Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif's Married life will be According to the Horoscope

Newly weds of Bollywood Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif got married on 9th December at Six Senses Fort Barwara Resort in Rajasthan according to traditional Hindu rituals. Let us tell you that this couple, popularly known as #ViKat, is dating each other for a long time. After all, now he has found the destination of his love. Vicky-Katrina are now officially husband and wife. The secret wedding pictures of both of them are becoming increasingly viral on social media and only their marriage is being discussed everywhere. Everyone wants to know whether their love will last longer or whether they will be together for a few days like other Bollywood couples. Let us know from astrologer Sanjeev Thakur what the horoscope of celebrity couple Vicky-Katrina says about how their married life will be.

What does the zodiac of both say

Katrina is a Cancer sign and Vicky is a Taurus, so they both belong to family love. The union of these two celebrities will be very auspicious for both. Vicky Kaushal’s career will blossom with his luck while Katrina will focus more on her family life. Being a Cancer, emotional stability will be their first priority. She will focus more on her family and her own spiritual development after marriage. Whereas Vicky being a lover of luxury would like to give all the pleasures of the world to Katrina with all his heart. Their relationship will be beautiful.

How is the pairing of Vicky-Katrina according to the zodiac

Whatever the relationship between Vicky and Katrina’s zodiac signs, they are trustworthy and provide their emotional support and strength to each other. Both Taurus and Cancer always look for stability. This strengthens their relationship and they can easily take them to their destination. Talking about married life, the pair of Taurus and Cancer is like a pair made in heaven, as both these zodiac signs maintain their relationship till the end of life. Taurus and Cancer also share many qualities and behaviors, such as they are emotional, loving, caring and deeply immersed in each other.

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How will Married Life be?

On December 9, 2021, the Moon will be in Aquarius. Which will be tenth from the zodiac of Vicky Kaushal and sixth from the zodiac of Katrina. This position of Moon is going to give auspicious results for both. Their married life will be happy in the near future. Mutual harmony will also remain between the two. If small things are left out, then the rest of their married life will be full of happiness. The horoscopes of both of them are also auspicious with the combination of career and children. There is not likely to be any problems with this either.

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