Venus is happening falling, we have to wait for Manglik deeds including marriage

Venus is happening falling, we have to wait for Manglik deeds including marriage

After sunset, the brightest and largest star, which appears in the western direction of the sky, is not really a star but Venus Planet, also called the evening star. In Vedic astrology, Venus is considered a very important and auspicious planet. This is because Venus is considered to be the factor of love and marriage and it is believed that the influence of Venus gives a person material happiness, beauty, art, talent, romance and marital happiness.

Rock on Manglik deeds due to the setting of Venus

Just as the rise of Jupiter is considered important for Manglik deeds, so the rise of Venus star or planet Venus is also very important for all Manglik deeds.

The third date of Shukla Paksha of Venus planet Madh Magina will end on Sunday 14th February 2021 i.e. today.

Venus will rise on April 18, 2021 due to the eclipse.

Due to the demise of Venus, all auspicious deeds, including marriage and marriage, such as house entry, land worship, shaving, commencement of new establishment, etc., will be banned till April 18. Jupiter, on the other hand, which has been sinking since January 17, is rising on February 14.

Any planet can go close to the sun. Similarly, when Venus is grazing and is so close to the Sun in a particular position that there is only a difference of only 10 degrees between them, then Venus collapses. After the demise of Venus, its main causal elements are reduced and the planet may be reduced to giving auspicious results. All kinds of auspicious and auspicious deeds, mainly for marriage, are not considered good for Venus to sink or sink. This is the reason why marriage is forbidden during the waning of Venus and Manglik work is done only when Venus rises again.

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