Vastu Tips For Office, Know Vastu tips related to office

Vastu Tips For Office, Know Vastu tips related to office

Vastu Tips For Office: According to Vastu Shastra, if there is a Vastu defect in the office, then it can have an impact on the minds and minds of the employees and also on their health. Even the company may suffer financial losses due to Vastu defects in the office. Vastu defects of office can be overcome with the following measures.

Vastu Tips For Office 

1. The abode of Kubera is considered to be in the north direction. Therefore, as far as possible, keep the cashier in the north direction.

2. Computers, control panels, electrical equipment etc. should be installed in the fire angle of the office.


3. No more than one employee should be seated at a table. This affects work.

4. The office should be provided with water in northeast. In Ishaan, water will be auspicious only when it is related to the land. If you want to keep water at a higher place than the ground, then you can keep it at any place as per your convenience.

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5. If the waiting room is built in the office, then the angle will be appropriate. The conference / meeting hall is also considered to be auspicious in the aerial angle.

6. The senior officers of the office should sit in the south and the left officers in the west.

7. Green or dark colors should not be used in office. Light colors such as white, cream or yellow should be used.

8. The cashier should not sit in such a place from where he can see more and more employees while working.

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9. The office of the boss should not be the first cabin. There should be a cell of any assistant near the entrance to provide information to the visitors.

10. Do not seat any employee in the direction of the door.

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