Vastu Tips for Bathroom

Vastu Tips for Bathroom

Vastu Tips for Bathroom: There is positive energy as well as negative energy in us and your homes. One takes a person to the heights of success, while the other creates all kinds of problems in his path. In Vastu Shastra, many methods have been given to remove negative energy and increase positive energy (how to increase positive energy at home). In Vastu Shastra, there are some rules for each part of the house, so that there is always happiness in your house. Bathroom is an important part of the house. The planet Rahu has maximum influence at this place. That is why it is important to pay attention to the design, direction and color of the bathroom like other important parts of the house.

Vastu Tips for Bathroom

If there is any Vastu defect in your house, there are some financial problems or if you are going to build a bathroom, then we are giving you some Vastu Shastra tips, which will create a positive environment for you and other members of your house. Here Vastu expert Yogesh Mishra is telling some important Vastu Tips for Bathroom, which everyone should keep in mind.

➡️ Keep in mind that the bathroom area should never be in front of or next to the kitchen.


➡️ The toilet seat in the bathroom should be in the west or north-west.

➡️ By mistake, the bath tub or shower should not be in the south direction in the bathroom, because the south direction is associated with the fire element.

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➡️ If any part of the bathroom is already in the south direction and its direction cannot be changed, then keep a black object near it. It reduces the negative impact.

➡️ The doors of the bathroom should be in the north or east direction.

➡️ As the direction of Kubera is north, according to Vastu Shastra, construction of toilet in the north direction can affect the whole house.

➡️ Water tanks and drainage should be in the North East or North East in the bathroom area.

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➡️ Talking about the color of the bathroom, always use light colors. By the way, brown and white colors are better for the bathroom.

➡️ The windows in the bathroom should open towards east, north or west.

➡️ In view of cleanliness, you can also use light color so that you can easily see the dirt and clean it. Also, make sure the windows open outwards.

➡️ The mirror in the bathroom should be kept high so that the toilet seat is not visible in it.

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➡️ The doors of the bathroom should always be closed because leaving it open will bring negative energy into the house and spoil your personal relationships.

➡️ Water should not be kept continuously dripping from the bathroom tap. It is considered a great architectural defect.

➡️ You can freshen up the bathroom by adding a few drops of lemongrass oil to the toilet or bathroom. Keep this area clean and tidy.

➡️ According to Vastu, one should always keep a blue colored bucket filled with clean water in the bathroom. This brings prosperity in the house.

➡️ Indoor plants like money plant and spider plant can also be kept as it removes negativity.

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