Valentines Day Quotes 2023 – Share love Poems and Messages with your Partner This Valentine Week

Valentines Day Quotes 2022 – Share love Poems and Messages with your Partner This Valentine Week

Valentines day is coming soon. Valentines Day 2023 means the season of love. If you want to make your Valentine’s Day more special this year or express your love to your partner, then get ready. If you have expressed your love, then celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner in a special way. To make this day more beautiful or to impress and make your partner happy, celebrate the second week of February as love week. February is considered the month of love and that is why the ways of celebrating it also differ. Join us on this special occasion of Valentine’s Day gift ideas and the best love poems and messages for partner.

When is Valentine’s Day? – Valentine Day Kab Hai

Every year on 14 February, Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world, which is called the day of lovers. It is a festival of love and romance. On this day all the loving couples express their love to each other and give gifts and surprises to their partner. This season of love (Valentine’s Day Week) is celebrated from February 7 to February 14.


Why is Valentine’s Day celebrated?

This special day of love Valentine’s Day was started in the memory of a saint of Rome. Whose name was Valentine. It is said that the Roman king Claudius had banned the marriage of his soldiers, but Saint Valentine prepared many soldiers for marriage and got them married. Angered by this, the king sentenced Saint Valentine to death on 14 February 269. From that day onwards, this day was celebrated as Valentine’s Day.

Valentines Day Week

Valentines Day Quotes 2022 – Share love Poems and Messages with your Partner This Valentine Week


The month of February is very special for every loving couple. Because in this month, Valentine’s Day (the day of those who love) comes on the 14th. You should not be left behind in this test of love, so do all the preparations in advance. From 7th February to 14th February, which day will be the special day, follow the complete time table without any confusion. If you want to avoid failing in this exam of love, then go with us to know the complete Valentine’s Day Date 2023 Calendar.

Valentine Day list

7 February Rose Day
8 February Propose Day
9 February Chocolate Day
10 February Teddy Day
11 February Promise Day
12 February Hug Day
13 February Kiss Day
14 February Valentine’s Day

Rose Day

Valentines Day Quotes 2022 – Share love Poems and Messages with your Partner This Valentine Week


You can’t start Valentine’s week without expressing love, and love is incomplete without Rose Day. Rose Day is celebrated on 7 February. On this day, by giving a beautiful smelling rose to your partner, say heart ki baat and celebrate Rose Day. On Rose Day, you can give yellow or yellow roses to your other loved ones. Yellow rose is considered a symbol of friendship. If you want to make this occasion more exciting then share these Rose Day Quotes, Rose Day Status, Rose Day Shayari.

Propose Day

Valentines Day Quotes 2022 – Share love Poems and Messages with your Partner This Valentine Week

On the first day of Valentine’s Week, even if you have told your partner about your heart with roses. But on its second day, 8th February, Propose Day is celebrated. Don’t miss this opportunity and plan a wonderful evening with your lovemate. To make Propose Day Quotes more special, send them Love Shayari with gifts.

Chocolate Day

Chocolate Day

Chocolate Day is celebrated on February 9 in the season of romance. Girls like chocolate more than boys. This is the third day of Valentine’s Week. On this day you can fill sweetness in your partner’s life by giving chocolates. To make Chocolate Day more special, send love with love’s favorite Chocolate Day Quotes.

Teddy Day Quotes

Teddy Day Quotes

It would not be wrong to say that no one is more crazy about teddy bears than girls. That’s why Teddy Day is celebrated on the fourth day of Valentine’s Week on 10th February. If you have not talked about your heart till now, then express it without delay. People of all ages celebrate this day. On this occasion, give a cute message and teddy to your partner. Your girlfriend will feel good hugging Teddy in your absence.

1. You keep smiling like a teddy bear, keep smiling always like a shining bear, like a dear in your heart.

2. There is also the story of your friendship, there is also a treasure of love in it, so I want to ask you for a teddy bear, and today there is an excuse to ask for it.

3. I am sending you a teddy with a lot of love, keep it with you always if you love me, send me a teddy with love too. Happy Teddy Day

4. There is a chance of Teddy Day, then why have you stopped yourself, go and give your love to Teddy, the occasion of this day is unique.

5. This caravan of memories will always be there, love will remain the same even though you are away, sorry you can’t get it, but believe that every year Teddy will definitely reach. Happy Teddy Day.

6. Nowadays we smile seeing every Teddy, how to tell them that, we see them in every Teddy.

7. They had a desire to cry, see that the rain has come, our wish was to celebrate by giving them Teddy, that night of Teddy Day has come.

Promise Day

Promise Day

It is said that a true partner is the one who promises love to his partner and always supports him in his happiness and sorrow. Considering this symbol, every year the fifth day of Valentine’s Week is celebrated as Promise Day. This day falls on 11 February. This day is considered very important in the life of every couple to give true love and affection. Promises made from time to time only bring strength in the relationship. If you also want to do something special for your partner, then share Promise Day quotes along with the promise to keep them happy for life on Promise Day.

Hug Day

Sometimes it takes more emotion and connection than words to express love. If you are also a little introvert in expressing love, then show your love by giving them a cute hug on the day of Hug Day. The day of Hug Day is very special in Valentine’s Week. Every year this day is celebrated on 12 February. To make this special occasion even more romantic, recite them Hug Day Shayari with Jadoo Ki Jhappi.

Kiss Day

Kiss Day

Kiss Day falls on February 13 in Valentine’s Week. This day is very special for the romancing couple. If you want to make this day more special for your partner, then you send them these loving poetry and valentine messages along with good morning messages in the morning.

1. In your love, I will do something like this, I will be scattered in the aroma as a fragrance, If you want to forget, then hold your breath, If I breathe, I will go down in my heart. Happy Kiss Day!

2. Today I have to take a bath with you in the rain, my dream is so beautiful, the drops of rain that fell on your lips, I have to lift them with my lips. Happy Kiss Day!

3. There is also the story of my love, there is also a treasure of love in it, so I want to ask for a kiss from you, today there is also an excuse to ask. Happy Kiss Day!

4. I want to kiss your lips, this is the desire of my heart, it is not mine, it is the test of my heart. Happy Kiss Day!

5. When it comes to remembering you, close your eyes by doing it, I miss you, I do not meet every day, that’s why I kiss you in my thoughts. Happy Kiss Day!

6. When it comes to remembering you, close your eyes, miss you, you cannot meet everyday, that’s why they kiss you only in thoughts. Happy Kiss Day!

7. Let the delicate lips touch you, nothing else is jam, this is the sweetest reward that nature has spared us. Happy Kiss Day!

8. By kissing your forehead, you have to make you feel love, by holding your hand, you have to show love. Happy Kiss Day!

Valentines day

Valentines day

Finally, the day of Valentine’s Week has arrived, which all the lovers were eagerly waiting for. When lovers celebrate love together. To make this special day more beautiful, tell your partner about your heart with these loving quotes with every surprise. Make them realize how special they are to you.

1. You are our heartbeat, our breath. No matter how lovely I am, you are our heartbeat. Happy Valentine’s Day!

2. Your first meeting has brought a spring in my life, I have seen your picture in every mirror, people say sleep is lost in love, we have created a world of love in our sleep..!! Happy Valentines Day!

3. Words don’t matter in agreement, there is no sound of heart’s emotion, eyes tell the story of the heart, love is not a fan of words. Happy Valentines Day!

4. We got to wait for a while, but we found the sweetest friend, we found that love from kisi ki tere bad teri love, we got that love….Happy Valentines Day!

5. Your every gesture seems like love. The separation of a moment seems like centuries, I did not think earlier, now I have started thinking that you are needed in every moment of life. Happy Valentines Day!

6. When I miss you in loneliness, only one complaint comes on my lips. May God give you every happiness because even today our every happiness comes after you. Happy Valentines Day!

7. When there is talk with silent eyes, this is how love begins. You remain lost in your thoughts, do not know when it is day or when it is night. Happy Valentines Day!

8. Don’t feel good about yourself, don’t feel so good, have seen you, just from the point of view from which you can’t see. Happy Valentines Day!

Valentine’s Day Questions and Answers

Q1. When is Rose Day?

Ans: Rose Day is celebrated on 7 February.

Q2. When is propose day?

Ans: Propose Day is celebrated on 8 February.

Q3. When is Chocolate Day?

Ans: Chocolate Day is celebrated on 9 February.

Q4. When is Teddy Day?

Ans: Teddy Day is celebrated on 10 February.

Q5. When is Promise Day?

Ans: Promise Day is celebrated every year on 11 February.

Q6. When is Hug Day?

Ans: Hug Day is celebrated every year on 12 February.

Q7. When is Kiss Day?

Ans: Kiss Day is celebrated every year on 13 February.

Q8. When is Valentine’s Day?

Ans: Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14 February.

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