Why Should You Use EMI Calculator Before Applying For A Loan?

Why Should You Use EMI Calculator Before Applying For A Loan?

Instead of dipping into your funds to pay for a wedding or a house repair, it’s better to take out a loan. One may repay loans taken from banks and lending institutions in regular payments, known as equated monthly instalments (EMIs), which are the most common form of repayment (EMI Calculator).

Purchasing a house, for example, requires a considerable outlay of cash, and taking out a home loan allows you to take advantage of both the tax advantages and the freedom to pay back the loan over time. Using a home loan calculator to calculate your EMI is very handy in this situation.


In times of growing inflation, the availability of EMIs helps you avoid financial anxiety by removing the need to make huge, one-time payments for significant purchases. Instead, you are provided with a predictable monthly payment amount that will not drain your bank account.

What is an EMI?

As part of an ongoing loan repayment against property interest rates, an equated monthly instalment (EMI) is the predetermined amount of money you pay to a bank or lender each month. To put it another way, EMI is to service banks and other financial institutions that provide their clients with loans.


They may borrow the amount they need to meet urgent cash flow demands and then let them return it over a predetermined period at a fixed interest rate. Every month, the consumer must make these payments on a particular day of the week. The EMI payment may be made with a cheque or an online method such as an auto-debit.

How Does an EMI Work?

Now that we understand what an EMI is, we can go on to how it works. Flexible payment plans, which enable the borrower to make greater payments, differ from EMIs.


Borrowers opting for the EMI mode of repayment are often restricted to making just one predetermined payment each month. The borrower has an advantage when the loan against property interest rates is structured with an EMI since they know the precise amount of money that must be paid toward the loan every month, making it simpler for them to organize their finances.

The interest on a loan offers the lender a steady and reliable source of revenue, which is beneficial to the lender.

EMI Calculator

These days, you may find a variety of loan calculators on the web. You may use a personal loan EMI calculator if you are considering getting a personal loan or a home loan calculator if you are planning on purchasing a property.

Inputting the loan amount, interest rate, and loan term into an EMI calculator is a quick and easy way to determine your monthly payment. After entering the necessary information, you will be shown the estimated sum due each month as the payment, together with interest. Interest is always included in this total.

Uses of EMI Calculator

  • The EMI calculation requires exponents when the lowering balance approach is used. Therefore, using the EMI calculator rather than any other method would be considerably simpler.
  • Before applying for a loan, you may improve your ability to prepare for your monthly and overall budget by using calculators to predict the EMI amount.
  • You also have the option of adjusting the tenure of the loan and the interest rate to choose the EMI that is suitable for your budget and can be paid regularly.
  • You can make a mistake in the formula or the computation while you are calculating EMI manually or using Excel. However, the home loan calculator to calculate your EMI can provide accurate findings because there is no room for error in its calculations.
  • Most EMI calculators online will allow you to see and download the complete amortisation plan. It will assist you in calculating the total amount of interest and principal repayment amount throughout the loan.
  • Suppose you are already making payments on a loan and discover a new lender that offers a lower interest rate. In that case, you can use the EMI calculator to determine the impact this change will have on your monthly payments as well as the total cost of the loan. If you need to switch lenders in the future, having this information on hand might make the balance transfer process more accessible.

To summarise, using an EMI calculator enables you to determine whether or not you are qualified to get a loan and your capacity for making loan repayments, which in turn protects your overall financial health. It is crucial to exercise sound judgement when managing your loan; a digital home loan EMI calculator may assist you.

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