What is Undershadow Makeup Trend

What is Undershadow Makeup Trend

If your blending skills aren’t great, you might want to hold off on trying to recreate the Smokey eye look for now. Give your lids a break from rubbing, voyeurizing because there is a new trend that will make your eyes look amazing. Yes, we are talking about the undershadow makeup trend. So let us tell you everything about this new makeup trend and also why this makeup trend has become a game-changer. Know What is Undershadow Makeup Trend.

This Trend Has Made Makeup Blending So Much Easier

Undershadow is a lot like under-eye-makeup. Just it is a bit reserved and not done much below the eyes. Most under eye trends involve douching the area but this one just involves getting the waterline right under the eyes pigmented. You can pull off this look very well even if your blending skills are not great.

Follow these Tips for Undershadow Makeup look

Before you get started, prep your under eye with some primer because you’ll want a crease-free canvas, too. After this, apply concealer under your eyes and apply it in the shape of a triangle and then blend the product.

After this, apply translucent powder under your eyes so that the concealer stays in place. After this, create a soft cat-eye look on the lid to give a nice look by using colors on the under eye. If you want to experiment, apply some color on your lids as well. Apart from this, if you want, you can also do cat-eye in the inner corner so that you can make your look a bit slurty. You can keep the drama subtle, razor thin wings or graphic or winged etc.

Next, pick the brightest pop color from your palette and apply it with a fine tip brush. Now pat the lower part of your eye with this brush and that too from the starting point to the end point. Be careful not to go too far into the under-eye. Our aim is to create the look of a razor-thin, eyeliner-like finish just under your eyes, and your eye makeup is ready.

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