Can My Unborn Baby Feel Me Crying: Babies laugh and Cry in Mother’s womb?

Can My Unborn Baby Feel Me Crying: Babies laugh and Cry in Mother's womb?

Can My Unborn Baby Feel Me Crying: In the study so far, it has been found by the doctors that babies do activities like laughing, crying and blinking eyes in the mother’s womb. By the way, babies also do other activities in the stomach such as limping, hiccups, etc. Images taken by body scanners show that the baby learns facial expressions in the mother’s womb even before it is born.

Earlier studies showed that babies learn facial expressions from their mothers after birth. Normally babies learn to laugh by 6 weeks after giving birth and this shows how calm and worry-free the baby is in the mother’s womb.

Can My Unborn Baby Feel Me Crying

Doctors say that people do not know the facial expressions and blinking of eyes in the womb. With 2D scanner, the cornea of ​​children’s eyes appears to rotate, but with 4D scanner you can also see the blinking of children’s eyes. Babies breathe in mother’s belly but there is no air, eyes also blink but there is no light, it means they are preparing to be born.

Although laughing does not indicate that the child will be born now, but it is a way for them to be happy in the womb and they are happy when their mother is happy. The smile of its mother makes the baby’s eyes shine and the cheeks bulge, all these things tell that the child is in a worry free environment in the mother’s womb.

What Movements does the Baby do in the Stomach?

Babies do some things in such a way that the mother can feel and do some things that the mother cannot feel. Let’s know them:

1. By 7 to 8 weeks, your baby starts doing normal activities in the mother’s womb such as turning to one side and startling etc. But you are able to experience it only after a short time because they are still small in size and you do not realize it.

2. Around 9 weeks, babies start hiccups and by the 10th week they can tilt and turn their heads and open and spread their furrows.

3. In the 11th week, the babies also start yawning and by the 14th week they can move their eyes. You can see these movements during the ultrasound or scan.

4. As the baby’s weeks pass in the mother’s womb, your baby’s movements also gradually increase. You may find that your baby is more mobile during the day or that he exhibits more movements and acrobatics of his hands and feet in the evening. Babies do most of the movements in the evening.

5. You can feel your baby’s hiccups in the 24th to 28th week. Your baby’s hiccups make you feel like a jerk. The amniotic sac now holds about 750 ml of fluid and allows the baby to move around at will.

6. You may also feel that the sudden sound makes the baby jump as he is suddenly startled by it.

7. At 29 to 32 weeks, the baby starts increasing in size, so as it grows, it starts losing space in the womb, due to which the movement of the baby starts to accelerate. He shares all his work with his mother. If the mother laughs and is happy then she is also happy and if the mother cries then she is also sad or starts crying.

8. It is said that when the child is in the womb, the mother should listen and do religious and good things because even in the womb the baby can hear everything. You can also listen to good music at this time, but take care not to listen too loudly as it can cause discomfort to the baby.

9. By 36 weeks, the movements of the arms and legs of the babies increase. At times, you also feel pain from the little feet of your baby. He wants to make you feel like you by hitting his feet and sometimes he does so due to lack of space.

10. By some time before birth, usually all babies come down to the pre-birth position with their heads down and at such time you get very much eager for the arrival of the baby.

Laughing and crying in the mother’s womb is associated with their own mother. When the mother is very happy then she has a positive effect and she also laughs and if she is sad or cries during pregnancy then it directly affects the baby in the womb which is negative because if the mother is sad If so, the child will also cry sadly. That’s why pregnant women are advised to be happy in every situation so that the baby is also born healthy and fit.

By the way, babies usually do not smile after birth, but they cry. They learn to laugh only after 6 weeks, but Professor Stuart Campbell has said that images captured using body scanners suggest that unborn babies make certain facial responses that make them laugh and cry. This is clearly visible from the pictures captured.

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