Umbilical Cord Care Tips: How to Clean the Umbilical Cord

Umbilical Cord Care Tips: How to Clean the Umbilical Cord

Umbilical Cord Care Tips: The umbilical cord that connects the baby to its mother in the womb is attached to the baby’s navel. The baby receives nutrition from its mother through the placenta and develops. Whatever the mother eats and drinks, it reaches the baby through the umbilical cord. After the birth of the baby, the umbilical cord is cut to separate it from the mother, but some part of it is left as it is. It dries slowly on its own, although it can take anywhere from two weeks to two months to dry.

The umbilical cord should be protected as much as the newborn baby, because if this is not done, the baby can get infected, which will be extremely harmful to the health of the baby. Today we are going to give you some Umbilical Cord Care Tips related to baby’s umbilical cord and its cleaning, hope you will benefit from them.


Umbilical Cord Care Tips

1. Keep it Clean and Dry

If care is not taken to clean the umbilical cord, the chances of the baby becoming ill and infected greatly increase. In such a situation, while cleaning it, keep in mind that the baby’s umbilical cord remains dry. For this, avoid bathing the baby in the tub and get a sponge bath. If you are taking a bath, take care not to get water in the baby’s umbilical cord.

If you touch your baby’s umbilical cord for any reason, first wash your hands thoroughly so that the baby doesn’t get infected. You can also use powder to keep the cord dry. When buying powder, keep in mind that it is of good quality and chemical free.


2. Coconut Oil

It is very important for the health of the baby that the baby’s umbilical cord dries up as quickly as possible, although it takes about a month for it to dry completely. To make the umbilical cord dry quickly, it is also advised to apply coconut oil on it which can be applied with the help of cotton. Also, do not use powders, lotions or oils on the baby’s umbilical cord or surrounding organs.

3. Avoid Rubbing

The umbilical cord is very delicate, so if you rub it or the organs around it, it can cause infection or the condition can be painful for the baby due to a wound. Do not try to forcefully remove the umbilical cord, but allow it to dry naturally. After the birth of the baby, doctors clean the umbilical cord with a good antiseptic so that it does not get infection, although nowadays doctors also forbid touching the umbilical cord or using any kind of antiseptic on it.


4. Don’t cover it

Never cover the umbilical cord, especially with a diaper. Do not give a newborn baby diapers that need to be worn over the umbilical cord. Even if you are wearing cloth diapers or other clothing, make sure that the umbilical cord is not covered by the diaper. If the diaper is coming over the umbilical cord, fold it up. By doing this repeatedly coming in contact with the diaper can damage the umbilical cord. Nowadays special diapers are also available in the market for new born babies.

5. Use Cotton

Use cotton to clean your baby’s umbilical cord. One more thing, never use tissue paper to clean the baby’s umbilical cord, it can damage the skin. If you want, you can use cotton wipes which are easily available in the market.

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When to Be Alert

If there is swelling around the umbilical cord, there is any kind of water or pus coming from the umbilical cord or there is a strong smell coming from here, then the doctor should be contacted immediately. Umbilical Stump is the lifeline of the baby because it can know about the medical history of the child and many other diseases and if the child has any disease when he grows up, then with its help it is easy to treat, so nowadays the baby The umbilical cord is retained. If proper attention is given to the umbilical cord and there is no problem, then the umbilical cord of most children naturally dries up in a few days.

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