Types of Satellite: What is satellite? Know How many types of satellites!

Types of Satellite: What is satellite? Know How many types of satellites!

Types of Satellite: Friends, you must have often used Navigation while running the phone. Do you know how your phone guides you? It shows the way through satellite, today we will talk about what is satellite? Similarly, in our daily life, most of our work depends on some kind of satellite. Whether you want to make international calls or check the weather, keep an eye on the enemy country or watch TV while sitting at home. All these tasks are determined by different satellites. Let us know how many types of satellites are there and what is Satellite Network, Satellite Communication.

Let us know through this article what is satellite, What is Satellite Communication a satellite that revolves around other satellites. This satellite also plays an important role in our life, let us know what is satellite and how satellite works.

Satellite Meaning

The word ‘Satellite‘ is used for an artificial satellite. Satellite is a machine built and installed by human efforts, which was built for different purposes and installed in Earth’s orbit. This machine is called an artificial satellite, how the satellite works, any satellite natural satellite revolves around the earth like the moon. As you have known the Meaning of Satellite.


A satellite is an astronomical or artificial object that orbits a planet or star such as the Moon, Earth or a machine. Taking inspiration from the Moon, our scientists made artificial satellites. Where is satellite used?

what is satellite

Satellites move in the Earth’s orbit due to their rotational speed and remain unaffected by the force of gravity. To get out of the force of gravity, a speed of 11.2 kilometers per second is needed. This is the reason that the satellite keeps floating in the air in space. After knowing what is satellite, all of you will be curious about how satellite works, then you will have to read our article completely to calm the curiosity, only then you will be aware of the complete information about satellite.

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How satellite works

Satellites are made for different purposes, so there is some difference in its functioning. But their basic structure remains the same.

Most satellites have two main parts, an antenna and an energy source. For the energy management of the satellite, solar panels are installed on both sides of it and the antenna works to send and receive information.

Most of NASA’s satellites have cameras and scientific sensors, which keep their eyes on large areas of Earth and movement in space. In between the satellites are transmitters and receivers, which receive and send signals and commands.

Satellites are mainly made for communication, because they are at a higher altitude away from the Earth, so satellites cover more area than radio and ground web.

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The satellite receives signals from the broadcaster, processes them and sends them back. The waves that go above the earth are called uplinks and the beams that come back are called downlinks. They are launched into space with the help of rockets.

When it comes to satellite information and the history of satellite is not available, it is not possible that further in this article we will be aware of interesting facts like History of Satellite, how many types of satellites are there, use of satellite, how many satellites are there in India.

Satellite information and Types of satellite

Aryabhata was India’s first satellite, which was launched on 19 April 1975. India on 1 April 2019 successfully launched AMISAT (Electronic Intelligence Satellite) with the help of PSLV-C40 launch vehicle from Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sri Harikota. It is jointly made by ISRO and DRDO.

Types of Satellites: Satellites are divided into three types: Low Earth Orbit Satellite, Medium Earth Orbit Satellite and High Earth Orbit Satellite.

The size of the satellite depends on its work, satellites in space can range from a 4-inch cube to as large as a bus.

Different types of satellites are installed in different orbits. Low Earth Orbit Satellite is used for image and scanning, whose altitude ranges from 160 to 1600 kilometers above the Earth’s surface.

Medium Earth Orbit Satellite is used for navigation, whose altitude is at an altitude of 10 thousand to 20 thousand kilometers. High Earth Orbit Satellite is used for communication, it is located at an altitude of 35,786 km.

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So this was Satellite Information, in this post we have known the meaning of satellite, types of satellite and information about satellite.

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