Know How Many Types of Sanitary Pads

Know How Many Types of Sanitary Pads

After the start of the period, the attention of girls along with other things starts going towards which pad is good. Today, there are many types of products related to period care available in the market, but still the benefits of pads are such that every girl uses them with full confidence. Most of the girls use cotton sanitary pads for their care when their period starts for the first time after puberty. Know How Many Types of Sanitary Pads.

Periods and Sanitary Napkins

Sanitary napkins are pads used during periods to absorb blood and other fluids from the vagina. There was a time when during the period women used to make pads from the cotton clothes present in the house. After this, many types of synthetic pads were launched in the market. Now for the last one and a half decade, companies and experts in the direction related to period care, after a lot of research, have given women products like tampons, menstrual cups. However, even today, most women use sanitary pads and they find it comfortable and comfortable to use.


Sanitary Pad Selection

There are many types of sanitary pads in the market today which cater to all the needs of women. Whether the flow is heavy or less, if you need a different light pad for the first day of the period, rash free pads are there for every need, there are pads from many companies in the market. Women should choose pads according to both their need and preference and there is no rule or reason for this, right or wrong. Use the pad as you like to use the pad.

What are the Types of Sanitary Napkins (Pads)

In addition to regular pads, companies manufacturing period care products have introduced many types of pads in the market like ultra thin, extra long, pads with wigs etc.


Regular Napkin and Ultra Thin

Depending on the thickness of the pads, there are two types of pads, regular and ultra thin. Regular sanitary napkins mean pads that are made in a very simple and traditional way to absorb period blood. The specialty of ultra thin pads is that they look very thin, but they are designed to absorb as much blood as a regular pad, yet remain more comfortable and comfortable.

Sirona Rash Free Natural and Ultra Thin Pad is one such pad that is completely bio-based and has been made in such a way that it does not use any kind of chemicals. Another feature of this pad is that it is made in black color. Being ultra thin, it is not known that you are wearing something different and you can stay comfortably throughout the day.


Panty liners and Winged Pads

Panty liners are designed in such a way that it is useful for normal period flow, to avoid spotting before the start of the period or for those who have low flow in the initial days. People who use tampons or menstrual cups also use them for backup.

Sirona panty liners are much lighter than normal pads and help them stay fresh for longer. Pantyliners are also useful for those who have irregular periods, or those who have to go somewhere and their period is near but has not started.

Winged pads have wings placed on either side of the center of the pad. These seal the pad with the panty in such a way that the pad does not move from its place while getting up, sitting or walking. Some girls prefer pads with no wings because they find them more easy and fuss free.

Extra Long or Overnight Sanitary Napkin

Extra long sanitary napkins are made longer so that when a person lies down after wearing it does not leak blood. Their absorbing capacity is designed in such a way that it can absorb the flow overnight. This type of pad is also called overnight pad.

Maxi or Super Pads

When the period starts, the flow of many girls is very heavy at that time. Maxi or super pads are made for such conditions, which have more blood absorbing capacity.

Similarly, maternity pads are also a type of pad designed to absorb post-pregnancy lochia (heavy blood flow after pregnancy). They are slightly longer than maxi pads and can also absorb urine.

Disposable and Reusable

Disposable pads are those that are synthetic and are thrown away after use. Most of the pads available in the market are synthetic which are made from a layer of cotton, rayon, plastic dust etc. They also contain fragrances and antibacterial agents. If these pads are not properly dumped in the landfill area, they can harm the environment.

Reusable cotton sanitary pads are made from bamboo or hemp and can be washed and reused. In the last few decades, women are getting attracted again towards reusable pads as they are budget friendly and eco friendly too. Many people find them more comfortable to use. They are free from all types of agents, so they do not cause problems for women with sensitive skin. Until synthetic pads were not introduced in the market, women used to make pads from waste cloth.

Sirona reusable sanitary pad is made of rash free fabric and can be used comfortably for a year. In this product, the company has also given an overnight pad along with 3 regular pads.

With the advancement of technology, today companies working in the field of period care have launched different types of napkins in the market. Before deciding which pad is better, whether to use cotton sanitary pads, to use regular sanitary pads or to use panty liners, first understand your need. To take advantage of the different types of sanitary pads, it is important that you first understand your body, your period flow, time of period etc. and then choose the pad for yourself.

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