Types of Cloud Computing – What is Cloud Computing?, How to use

Types of Cloud Computing - What is Cloud Computing?, How to use

Types of Cloud Computing: Many people use Cloud Computing but they are not aware that they are using Cloud Computing Services. And what is cloud computing? So if you are also saving your files or data online but you do not know where it is getting saved and how?. So let’s know about it.

About Cloud Computing

We all use some folder to save any file in our computer or mobile and save our file in it which is mostly offline.

So that sometimes we do not get it when we change the phone or computer, so in such a situation, this new technology cloud computing service is very useful, then know what is Cloud Computing.

Cloud computing is used to store data. If a service is provided through the Internet, it is called Cloud Computing, in which users use the service according to their needs.

It is Internet-based Computing, which provides Shared Computer Processing Resources and Data to Computers and On Demand to other Devices. You can access the resources stored on the Internet Cloud at any place from anywhere with the help of Internet.

Cloud Computing is a better computing network. For our data to be processed well, we need a good computing network. Cloud Computing Network is a very popular network, this technology is increasing rapidly in the world. Learn more about cloud computing and its services by taking Cloud courses from industry experts.

The reason for using it so much is that the benefits of it will be told to you further and it does not only have advantages but also some disadvantages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

Due to the Internet, many things have become easier today, similarly Cloud Computing is also a service used from the Internet, which has many advantages.

But where Cloud Computing has made your work easier, the disadvantages of Cloud Computing have also come to the fore.

Advantages (Pros) of Cloud Computing

By the way, there are many advantages of Cloud Computing which are very useful for people. If you also use it, then it will be very beneficial for you. So what is the benefits of cloud computing know next.

Types of Cloud Computing - What is Cloud Computing?, How to use

  • With this you can access your document anywhere at any time.
  • The main feature of cloud computing is that files can be used simultaneously at different places in mobile, computer, tablet.
  • It is very easy to use, it looks like a computer / Windows Explorer.
  • If you have saved all your contacts and information on Cloud Storage, then it remains safe even if your phone is formatted, if you login your email then your data will come again.
  • You can also edit your files online.
  • There is no limit of any file size in this, any size file can be shared online.
  • You do not have to install additional hardware to use Cloud Computing.
  • Many providers also provide this service for free like – Google Drive in which you get up to 15GB of storage for free.

Friends, Cloud Computing is such a great technology, you came to know that and you also became well aware of its benefits.

But do you know that along with the advantages of cloud computing, there are also disadvantages of cloud computing.

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing (Cons)

Using Cloud Computing can also be fraught with risk for you, about which you are hardly aware, then you know what is the disadvantage of cloud computing.

  • There is also a risk that anyone can access your data.
  • Managing the data of the cloud is a very tedious task.
  • As it is completely dependent on the Internet, then if Internet connectivity is lost, then your work stops there. This is also cloud computing disadvantage.

So you may have to face this kind of loss by using Cloud Computing.

Do you want to understand about cloud computing in a more simple way, then let us understand it further by some examples.

what is cloud computing with example

Google Apps is an example of Cloud Computing that provides Business Application Online and Cloud Computing can be accessed using a Web Browser.

Types of Cloud Computing - What is Cloud Computing?, How to use

Till now the software programs that you used to install on your computer and laptop, now they will not be needed at all because now you will get the features of all these software through web service.

  • Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, Gmail are also a great example. You can store your Unlimited Data on Cloud Computing. Along with this, Access and Manage can also be done.
  • Picasa and Flickr, the service hosting Digital Photographs.
  • HubSpot, Salesforce, Adobe Marketing Cloud used in the business field are also examples of this.
  • Google Docs is also included in the example of Cloud Computing. It allows users to upload Word Documents, Spreadsheet, Presentation to the data server.
  • YouTube is also an example of Cloud Computing.

So now you must have understood Cloud Computing Basics very well. Let us now know about its type.

Types of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is divided into 4 types, which are those types, you are being told about them below.

Public Cloud Computing: There is no user control in this Cloud Computing, it is available to everyone, Public Cloud Computing remains less secure.

Private Cloud Computing: The best example of Private Cloud Computing is – Google Drive in which all your documents are secure with your Email Id and Password. No one else can use Private Cloud Computing except you. It remains more secure than Public Cloud Computing.

Community Cloud Computing: This computing is for any group members, no other person can use it. Only members of an organization can access the data available on that organization’s site.

Hybrid Cloud Computing: 2 or more types of cloud are used in Hybrid Cloud, as in this both Public Cloud Computing and Private Cloud Computing are used. In which some data is publicly available on a site and some data is available for registered users. This is called Hybrid Cloud Computing.

So you can use this type of Cloud Computing which will help you in storing your data.

You have learned the information about Cloud Computing, but now you must be wondering how to use it, then you will definitely get the answer to this question.

How to Use Cloud Computing

How can you save your photos, videos, documents on the cloud, for this follow the steps given below.

Step 1. Create Gmail Account: You need a Gmail Id to use Cloud Storage. For example, if you do not have a Gmail account or Google Account, then first you create your Gmail account.

Step 2. Login Your Gmail Account: If your Gmail Account is already created, then you login to your Gmail Account.

Step 3. Open Drive App: After login, you open Drive App and click on the option of +.

Step 4. Click Upload Option: Now some options will come in front of you, out of which you have to click on Upload Option.

Step 5. Upload Your File: Now select any video, photo, document from your gallery and upload it to Drive. Any information uploaded on Drive can be downloaded from anywhere by logging in to Gmail Account.

You can save any of your files and documents on Cloud Computing in such a simple way.

Cloud Computing Courses

If you want to become an expert in Cloud Computing Services, then you can also do a course for it.

Nowadays, students also do many online courses through the Internet. Cloud computing is also one of them. You have many options to learn Online Cloud Computing.

There are some Online Cloud Computing Courses that you can do like-

  • Cloud security
  • Mobile Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Computing Concepts

Are you looking to work for a company that leverages Cloud Computing Services or one of the Major Cloud Computing Vendors? Cloud Computing Professional Certificate from Leaders in Coursera Google Cloud, Amazon, Web Services, Master track Offers Certificates, Specializations and Individual Courses.

After doing these courses, you will get better information about Cloud Computing.

The course of Cloud Computing Architecture is the best among all these cloud computing courses, let’s take a look at it.

Cloud Computing Architecture

Do you want to become even more expert in Cloud Computing?

Friends, you can do Cloud Computing Architecture Course to become an expert in Cloud Application and Architecture.

Types of Cloud Computing - What is Cloud Computing?, How to use

It runs on 2 Top Cloud Platform Providers – Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, Dynamically Scalable, Highly Available, Fault-tolerant and Reliable Applications and required Core Skill sets. Will be able to design.

Do you want to make Cloud Computing Projects but you do not know which projects you can make for this.

So there is nothing to worry about, further you have been told some such projects that you can make.

Read More:


In this way you know what is Cloud Computing and Types of Cloud Computing. Now you too will be able to use this service easily.

Friends, you must tell this information by commenting in the comment box and if you feel that we have forgotten to tell any information related to Cloud Computing, then you can also tell that in the comment.

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