Types of Baby Delivery: How Many Types of Baby Delivery

Types of Baby Delivery: How Many Types of Baby Delivery

A woman’s body undergoes many changes during pregnancy. On the one hand there is the joy of the arrival of the little baby and on the other hand there is the fear of delivery. Due to the changing lifestyle of today, problems at the time of delivery greatly affect both the woman and the baby. Delivery is the process by which the mother gives birth to the baby. You must be aware of two types of delivery, one of which is normal delivery and the other is C-section delivery. If both the mother and the unborn baby are healthy, there is a chance of a normal delivery, but in unusual or complicated situations, a C-section delivery is needed. Very few people know that apart from these two, there are some other methods that are used during childbirth. Know about some such methods (Types of Baby Delivery).

Types of Baby Delivery: How Many Types of Baby Delivery

1. Normal Delivery

Normal delivery means the delivery in which the baby is born through the mother’s vagina. This is a very safe solution. Women usually give birth at 38-41 weeks after a normal delivery. In this it is difficult to tell at first when the delivery will take place. According to experts, there is a possibility of normal delivery in about 80 percent of women but if there is any problem then other methods are adopted. Normal delivery is very simple and safe. Due to this, the woman and the child recover very quickly and they also have to stay in the hospital for a short time. Along with this, there is less chance of infection in such children.

If the baby is born by normal delivery, then the mother can handle her baby in a few days without any help and can also do small household chores herself. In this, some time before delivery, the pregnant woman starts having pain, although the duration of this pain can be longer in some cases. After this the baby is born through the vagina.


In normal delivery also, there can be two ways, in which no medicine or injection is used to reduce the pain at the time of labor, but the mother can tolerate the pain and pressure at that time. Whereas in other epidural injection is used, which causes less pain to the mother and the mother gives birth to the baby without any pain.

2. C-Section Delivery

In a C-section, the baby is pulled out through the woman’s abdomen. For this, the mother is first sedated with the use of anesthesia and after that the lower part of the abdomen is numbed and delivered through an incision in it. It is a somewhat difficult process during which the woman has to go through a lot of trouble and pain, although it does not cause pain at first but for several days after delivery, the woman has to take a lot of precautions.

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In this, the pain does not start immediately after delivery due to the effect of the medicine, but later there is unbearable pain and not only this, the blood that comes out in it is three times more than in normal delivery. A C-section delivery is preferred only in exceptional circumstances, such as if there is more than one baby in the womb, the baby is very overweight, has had surgery in the past, or the mother or child has a serious problem.

3. Vacuum Extraction Delivery

This is a process that is used during normal delivery. Sometimes a situation arises during normal delivery when the baby stops moving while coming out of the womb or the baby is unable to move forward. In this case, doctors use a machine called a vacuum. It consists of a soft cup that is attached to the handle and the vacuum pump. The cup is slowly pulled out by placing it on the baby’s head. This vacuum is created so that the baby can be comfortably removed from the womb through the vagina.

4. Forceps Delivery

This is a different and unique method of delivery and this type of technique can also be used in normal delivery. It is also used when the baby is ready to come out but for some reason cannot come. The reason for this can be an obstacle, the mother being tired or fainting, due to which the mother is unable to push, due to which the child is unable to come out. In this, the doctor uses forceps to take out the baby, which is in a way the size of tongs. It is inserted gently into the mother’s vagina and grasps the baby’s head with forceps and is slowly pulled out.

5. VBAC Delivery

The full form of VBAC is “Vaginal Birth After Caesarean“, which means that once a woman has undergone a caesarean delivery, it is not that she will not have a natural delivery next time. Although this is not possible in every case, it is usually possible in cases where it is done for the first time because of a problem such as if the baby is in the rear part of the mother’s womb or the mother has a serious health problem Due to which Caesarean delivery was done for the first time. It has been seen that about 70 percent of women deliver in this way, that is, about 70 percent of women who have had their first delivery by caesarean, have a natural delivery the next time.

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So now you must have come to know that even after C-section delivery, normal delivery is possible many times. Apart from the above type of delivery, sometimes due to circumstances, delivery is done in many other ways.