Toxic Work Environment – How to Handle Your Self in Toxic Environment at Home and Office

Toxic Work Environment – How to Handle Your Self in Toxic Environment at Home and Office

Toxic Work Environment – You must have heard from many people that nowadays everyone gets angry very quickly, people have become very short tempered, no one is happy in the happiness of others, the jelly factor has increased in the people, there is no patience among the people, all They keep trying to humiliate each other or no one is the same as before, etc. Have you ever wondered why this happens! What is such a thing, which makes a person so bitter that he cannot even speak two sweet words to anyone! Can’t be happy in someone’s happiness! Where did so much negativity come from?

In fact, the reason for all this is a toxic environment, that is, an environment where no one is happy with themselves and there is so much negativity that it seems that crushing each other is the only way to be successful or happy. The habit of teasing each other with happiness is increasing. The success of others has started stinging in the eyes. Such an environment can make anyone mentally ill. Small happiness can be snatched away from him, so if you are also a victim of such a toxic environment filled with deep negativity, then know here how to be happy in such a negative environment and keep others happy too. Also, how to maintain the balance of every aspect of your life in the midst of all these.

What is Toxic Environment

Where there is no love for each other, but only jealousy, anger or competition, where living does not bring positive vibes, there is no peace, such a place is the first sign of toxic environment. Nowadays this environment has started happening a lot not only in the office but also in the homes. Some people believe that this happens only at the place of work. Everyone in the family is their own, so this cannot happen. It is not at all that only the stress and bad environment of the office comes under the category of toxic environment, but even at home, due to mutual conflicts, ups and downs of situation and deep differences, toxic environment arises and grows continuously.

Toxic Environment in Office – Signs of a Toxic Work Environment

Toxic environment in the office means continuous low productivity due to things like daily spectacle, fight or mutual differences. Where people start doing unprofessional behavior keeping work ethics aside for their own benefit. Working in such an office, being in contact with the people there or both of these also have a bad effect on your personal life. You start taking out the anger of office work on home and personal relationships and life starts getting ruined. This is the toxic work environment. There are many other signs of such a toxic environment, which can be easily noticed.

Don’t Feel like Going to Office

The first sign of toxic office environment is your lack of mood in the office, daily excuses for not going to the office, feeling tired and not feeling like working, sitting alone or choking in the office. Live. These are some of the signs by which you can diagnose this problem.

Office Politics

Gossip in office more than work, becoming a big spectacle of small things, openly taunting or making fun of someone’s shortcomings are the root of toxic environment. Such an environment tarnishes the image of the company by inhibiting professional growth.

High Turnover

If we talk from the point of view of HR, then the toxic environment in the office can be estimated from the high turnover, which means how many people left the job due to bad office environment in this stipulated time frame or otherwise. Looking for jobs in companies and how many other people were forced to replace them.

Run Out of Passion

If you do not get pleasure from new tasks or projects in the office, if your creativity fades or not only with you, if the same happens to other people in the office, then it is the effect of toxic environment.

Lack of Conversation

There is no single, team work in the office, but when this teamwork does not divide into small groups and keep one opinion, the grouping turns into factionalism, then there is birth of toxic atmosphere, which in turn brings big negativity. Due to this, gradually the important things start getting reduced and instead of healthy talk, negative talk starts happening. People shy away from talking directly to each other even when they are at work or keep roaming around unnecessarily.

Toxic Environment At Home 

There is a big difference between the toxic environment of the office and home (Toxic Work Environment). There is a thing called work ethics in the office, which does not even have a trace in the house. Everyone in the house has the freedom to do what he wants, so it is not easy to identify a toxic environment here. For this, many things have to be taken care of, such as:-


If negativity spreads in the house, there is an argument, anger ensues. Everyone in the house wants to be arbitrary. There is no one to stop here, so any time a fight breaks out.

Feeling Insecure

All the time, thoughts of insecurity come to mind, feeling insecure, whether it is for the future or about being away from your special things or loved ones. Even the lack of trust and doubt in the mind of the people living with them are also signs of toxic environment.

Tipping Off

It feels bad when your own importance starts decreasing in your own home. When you are made to feel the same thing over and over again, it hurts. This is also a sign of a toxic environment.

Running Out of Space

In most homes, the toxic environment begins due to lack of space itself. In such a situation, people start feeling themselves bound, they feel that they are being prevented from living the way they want, everyone keeps interrupting, which no one likes in today’s generation.

Toxic Environment Effects On Health

Living in a toxic environment for a long time can lead to many physical and mental problems. Physical stamina starts decreasing, some disease is kept at home and there are many mental problems, because the whole matter is directly related to stress, then this seemingly minor stress is sometimes in the form of deep depression. I also come to the fore.

Irritability Over Talk

Office stress spoils even the mutual relationship. You just don’t work on many things in the office and you come home with the anger of boss, colleague or work in your mind. Then in the same tension, knowingly or unknowingly, behave irritably with his family or all the people around him. Your mind is so angry that you do not even understand what you are saying at that time.


The simple answer to when you can’t sleep is when you’re under deep stress or you haven’t had a good day. There can be many reasons for this – excessive office work, deliberately underestimating your work, taking credit of your hard work and work by others or you are not getting your due, being a victim of office politics, jokes in the office Many reasons like becoming sleepy are due to sleeplessness, which is due to deep toxic environment and takes away your sleep. This is the toxic environment of the office.

Loneliness or Depression

This toxic environment full of stress makes many people feel lonely. They are unable to join the group of negative people and do not recognize good people. It is easy to be alone in such a situation. This problem of loneliness can later make anyone a victim of depression.

Headache and Fatigue

The toxic environment keeps the headache constant and you feel mentally exhausted. This persistent fatigue affects the rest of the work as well and slows down the pace of success and progress in your life. In such a situation, you should do yoga for headache.

 How to Handle or Fix A Toxic Environment

In today’s time, you will find toxic atmosphere everywhere. Even if you want, you cannot avoid it, whether it is office or home, but you can definitely handle it with the following methods:-

Keep Yourself Busy

You must have heard this line many times that an empty mind is the house of the devil. Many people instead of working, at work or at home, everywhere, use their empty mind only to spoil things. The easiest way to avoid them is to be busy.

Stay Organized

Many studies show that the more organized you are, the better you will feel, so whether you are at home or in the office, keep things organized in both places. Due to this your mind will also be calm and work will also be easy.

Complete the Task

Write some tasks on your to-do list every day and finish them on the same day. The advantage of this will be that the unnecessary effect of the toxic environment will not allow your work to be disturbed. With this the work will also be completed on time and you will definitely get satisfaction from inside.

Keep Taking Power Naps

Sometimes the stress of the office is very tiring, due to which the body breaks down, distractions and you are unable to concentrate in work. To turn it off, take a power nap. This 15-minute exhausting nap will refresh you and your mind will also become lighter.


In a toxic environment, first of all people stop communicating, which worsens the environment even more. You find someone like you in this situation and talk to him casually, increase friendship. Build trust between each other and try to bring a healthy environment in the office.

Don’t be Silent on the Wrong thing

People take advantage of silence in a toxic environment. Don’t let that happen. When it comes to defending yourself, speak up for yourself. Keep your point, show the world that a toxic environment can’t kill their productivity, or make them cowards.

Explain the Situation

If the matter is not directly with the right person, then it becomes more complicated, so wherever you are at home or office, you should talk directly to the people who have problems with you and do not be afraid. Even if you can’t solve the problem, what happened, the person in front will get a warning, so that he will definitely think once before troubling you or spoiling the atmosphere there.

Don’t Quit Job

Many times people leave jobs due to toxic environment spread due to poor co-workers, which is not right. Don’t leave the job unless you get a better offer from somewhere else, but never leave because of a toxic environment.

Make a Complaint

Toxic environment can also turn into your exploitation later on. Leave your insecurities and nervousness behind and report this toxic environment to your HR or boss, to avoid a major incident.


If you cannot handle the toxic environment spread in the office or home, then the best way to avoid it is to ignore it. Stay cool and focus on work without becoming a victim of such an environment.

In these 7 ways, You will be able to keep Yourself Calm in a Toxic Environment

You will be able to handle the toxic environment in the office or home only when you can keep yourself calm from inside. For this peace, you have to include the following habits in your routine:-

Do Yoga

Nothing better than yoga for inner peace. With yoga, not only you will get relief from body pain, but you will also be able to keep the mind calm. Do yoga regularly in the morning or evening. You will see the benefits of this very soon.

Do the Exercise You Want

Go to the gym everyday or run in the park. Do whatever exercise feels good. Taking care of the body gives peace to the mind, because good thoughts come only in a healthy body. If you think well throughout the day, then the toxic environment will not harm you.

Do Meditation

Many people do not feel more comfortable than yoga or exercise. In such a situation, those people take only 10 minutes in 24 hours and sit quietly with their eyes closed. If you want, you can also chant Om in these 10 minutes. Apart from this, the deeper and longer you breathe, the more you will get the benefit.

Just Rest for a Day

Take out a day or two in a week or month that you can only enjoy. In these days, you just do the activities of your choice, whatever you like. This will give you time for yourself and also a chance to get away from the effects of the toxic environment.

Go for a Walk

The more you stay around nature, the more negative vibes will stay away from you, so set aside time in a month, two months or even six months to go for a walk. Go to a place where there is only natural beauty and peace. Leave behind the talk of mobile and useless people there and spend your time only in pure environment. You will feel very peaceful.

FAQ’s About Toxic Environment

Q1– How to recognize a toxic person?

Answer – The person who increases negativity in you, weakens you emotionally and gives wrong advice every time, is a toxic person.

Q2 – How to recognize toxic relationship?

Answer – If there is no trust between you and your partner. Fights are more than love, you are judged again and again, made to feel insecure and weak, or you are not given the freedom to make any decision in any matter, then you are in a toxic relationship.

Q3 – Any treatment for toxic environment?

Answer – Be emotionally strong. Do everything with utmost care, planning and prudence. Have complete faith in yourself. This is the cure for a toxic environment. | Get latest news & live updates from India, live India news headlines, breaking news India. Business, Lifestyle. World, Technology, Sports, Internet, Hosting, Blogging, Career, Astrology, Job, Entertainment News Read all latest India news & top news on India Today News.