Top Programming Language: List of Computer Programming Languages

Top Programming Language: List of Computer Programming Languages

Top Programming Language: Many of you must be interested in computer and various related education programs. Also, in today’s era, most of the people are inclined towards technical education to make various software and career options in this field.

To make any software, it is necessary to have complete knowledge of various programming languages, perhaps you will also be familiar with some of these languages. But have you ever thought that in the current programming languages, which are the major languages, whose order seems to be the most preferred in the world?. What it means to say here is that we are talking about those programming languages ​​which are essentially used extensively.


If you are curious about this topic and want to get the right information, then this article is going to be very special for you. Through this informative article, we are going to give you information about the top 15 programming languages, from which you will get to know more important things about this topic.

List of Top Programming Language

Here you will get to see a list of 15 important and top programming languages in a well-organized manner, in which the languages ​​are prominently included.


List of Computer Programming Languages

1. C Language
2. C Plus Plus (C++)
3. Java
4. Python
5. JavaScript
7. C Sharp (C#)
8. PHP
9. Swift
10. Go
11. Ruby
12. R Programming Language
13. Matlab
14. SQL
15. Rust

Below we will give you information about all 15 major programming languages in a sequential manner, so that you will be able to know about these languages in a nutshell.


Information about Programming Languages

C Language:

This programming language was invented by Dennis Ritchie in the year 1972, which is considered to be a very effective and old programming language. C language is known as the native language of Sisha and C plus plus languages.

C language is used for program creation involving various game creation, embedded systems, real time systems, etc.

C plus plus (C++):

As you have already learned about the C programming language, in this episode the C Plus Plus (C++) language was created as an extended and mature format of this language.

Almost the same as C language, this language is used, which includes game creation, embedded systems, real-time systems, etc.


The name of Java is recorded in the most widely used programming language around the world. Which was created by James Gosling in the year 1995, which was first produced for general use. Later this language was used for most of the coding related programming.

Nowadays this language is used to build various apps and games etc. in Android operating system.

Apart from this, this programming language is also used for website creation and software creation related to various fields. In which this language is mainly used for the creation of software related to the human resource department, finance department, manufacturing system management, supply / warehouse / distribution management, sales, marketing etc. of the organization / companies.


When it comes to programming language and Python is not mentioned, it cannot happen, in fact Python is a beneficial programming language for both initially learning programming and for such people working from a professional point of view.

Python is also commonly used to build various types of websites, numerical and science-related functional programs, business apps, etc.

Let us tell you here that in the year 1990 this language was invented by a programmer named Guido Wayne Rossum, who was originally from the Netherlands. The use of Python is increasing day by day, under which programs are being prepared in almost all areas with the help of this language.


Mainly this programming language is used for website creation, which was first introduced to the world in the year 1995.

Initially, only front end development of the website was done by this programming language, in which many improvements were made later. Today JavaScript is used in the front-end as well as the back-end development of the website.

To know about the most common use of JavaScript, it is done for mobile apps creation, game creation, internet related work etc.


Generally, the important work of defining all the major components of the website and preparing the structure of the pages is done by this programming language.

C Sharp (C#):

In the year 2000, this programming language was introduced to the world, which is produced by Microsoft company. Most often this programming language is used in the dot net system, for which it is considered to be a very effective language.

This language is mainly used to create software, server-related programs, games and websites related to various departments in the organization / office.

To a large extent, the C-sharp language appears to be similar to the C-plus-plus language, something like this is also the opinion of the creator of this language, Andres Hejlsberg.


This language was created in the year 1995, which is mostly used for server base web development. If you are curious to know how PHP language is used in server base web development, then tell you that your favorite social media platform Facebook’s coding is done under this language.

Along with this, mostly this language has been used in the creation of websites like yahoo, Wikipedia etc. Talking about other uses, the work related to e-commerce apps, CMS etc. is also completed with the help of PHP.

Many times the help of PHP is taken by programmers for high level coding, which is also used for desktop related work.


If you use various technical devices of Apple company, then it is important for you to know that this language was created in the year 2014 only for Apple’s platform. Which is considered effective in Linux platform along with iOS.

Let us tell you that this language is also used in server combination with mobile apps development, mainly this language is used in the production of most of the apps of Apple company.

Go :

Go or we can also call it Golang, this programming language was created in the year 2009 which was mostly used for the purpose of smoothing through messaging between widely spread network systems.

As you all know that Google has expanded to almost all the countries of the world, under which this programming language was created by the technical team of Google.

Let us tell you that apart from the above work, this programming language is also used in business apps development, cloud development, website development, single page work system.


If you are interested in learning programming language, then initially choosing Ruby as a very easy common language can prove to be a better option.

Ruby language is mainly used in web page development, apart from this language is also used for front end development, back end development and data analysis etc.

R Programming Language:

This programming language was created by Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka in the year 1995, which we cannot call the language in common use. The main reason for this is also that this language has been prepared for a specific purpose, which includes work related to data analysis and statistics.


This language, created in the 80s, is mostly used for data analysis and breaking up of various codes. Apart from this, this language is also used for machine learning, algorithms, and verification of research work.


Very often you have to either restore your important data, let me tell you that SQL programming language is used to do such important work.

In today’s digital age most of the times important reports have to be re-established, there tasks are usually done with the help of SQL language which is part of specific programs.


By the way, in all the programming languages ​​we have told you so far, it is not as easy to learn Rust language. The main reason for this is also that this language is used in the programs used for the feature of technical security and working speed.

In the year 2012, this language was developed by Grydo Hauer, which started being used in web browsers. Nowadays this programming language is used for speed and security in game creation, graphics, embedded system etc.

In this way, you have read about various programming languages, in which we have told you the basic information about almost all the major languages.

We believe that you must have understood the given information well and you will benefit from this important information in future. If you liked the information given by the article, then definitely share it with other people, thank you very much for staying connected with us.

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