Top 10 Universities of the World – Top Universities & Colleges in USA

Top 10 Universities of the World - Top Universities & Colleges in USA
Top 10 Universities of the World - Top Universities & Colleges in USA

Every students wants to get a chance to study in the best university of the country and the world. Especially in India, the trend of study abroad is increasing rapidly. But before going abroad, it is necessary to do research’s on many aspects. It is also important to know which are the name of the top and best 10 universities in the world.

Top 10 Universities of the World

These universities are ranked on the basis of rankings issued by some institutions every year. One of these is the QS Ranking (Quacquarelli Symonds). This ranking is released every year. The list of top universities in the world for 2022 has also been released. Read further, according to which best universities are included in the top 10 in the world and what are their fees? and Top Universities & Colleges Name in USA.


1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) of England has been ranked first in this ranking. The average fees of this institute, established in 1861, is about 48 to 50,000 dollars.

2. Stanford University

Stanford University of America (USA) ranks second in this list. It was established in 1885. Today the average fee here is about 46 to 48 thousand US dollars.


3. Harvard University

Harvard is the third best university in the world according to the QS ranking. It was founded in 1636. So far, eight Presidents of America have been students of Howard University. In addition, this university has also given a large number of Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners.

4. Oxford University

Oxford University is at number 4. The average fee here is between 13-14 thousand US dollars.


5. California Institute of Technology

Established in 1891, the institute is ranked fifth among the best educational institutions in the world, according to the QS Rankings 2021. The average fee here is about 61 thousand US dollars.

6. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich)

The Switzerland-based institute has been ranked sixth in the QS Global World Rankings. The fees here are much lower than in American and British institutions. The average fee here is about 2 thousand US dollars.

7. University of Cambridge

Cambridge University is ranked seventh in the QS World Rankings. This university has also given many Nobel Laureates and many Prime Ministers in Britain.

8. University College London

According to QS, University College London, established in 1826, is the eighth best educational institution in the world. The average fee here is 12-15 thousand US dollars.

9. Imperial College London

Ninth in the QS World Ranking is Imperial College London, founded in 1851. The average fee of this institute is around 12-15 thousand US dollars.

10. University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is ranked last in the world’s top-10. It was established in 1856. The average fee here is between 50 to 53 thousand US dollars.

Top Universities & Colleges Names in USA

1. Texas A & M University

2. Harvard University

3. Arizona State University

4. Northeastern University

5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

6. The University of Illinois at Chicago

7. Stanford University

8. University of New Haven

9. The University of Texas at Dallas

10. New York University

11. The University of Texas at Austin

12. University of California – Berkeley Campus

13. Georgia Institute of Technology

14. University of Southern California

15. University of South Florida

16. Pace University

17. University of North Texas

18. Columbia University

19. University of Texas at Arlington

20. New Jersey Institute of Technology

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