Home Remedies to get rid of Toothache in Children

Home Remedies to get rid of Toothache in Children

Toothache in Children: Most babies start teething at 6 to 8 months, and some babies start to pull out even after that. During this, children also face many problems. Due to which the nature of children also changes. At this time, toothache is the most common problem in children.

Many children have problems like vomiting, diarrhea at the time of teething. In such a situation, children never have a fever, but children who experience more pain may have fever due to this problem. So let’s try to know the solution for many of your problems like the treatment of toothache in children, treatment of gum pain in children and many other problems.

Baby Teething Symptoms

When a baby starts teething, his gums hurt a lot. Also, if the child is not taken care of properly at this time, there is a risk of spreading infectious diseases, due to which there is a fear of weakness and irritability in nature.


1. Whenever the child’s teeth start coming out, due to this the child becomes very weak.

2. Many children get diarrhea, vomiting etc. during this time and some children also have problems of stomach pain and constipation.

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3. The gums of children also become hard during this time.

4. There are also changes in the nature of children such as children become irritable and often cry.

5. Children experience itching, swelling and pain in the gums at this time, due to which their eyes keep watering.

Home Remedies to get rid of Toothache in Children

1. Massage Baby’s Gums

If you feel that your child is about to have a tooth extracted, then you should massage the gums of the child with the help of your finger. For this, all you have to do is clean your finger well and press the gums of the children well for 2 minutes. By doing this, children get relief from the problem of pain during tooth extraction. You can also massage by putting a wet soft cloth on your finger.

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2. Use Tether

Children feel like chewing by putting something in their mouth at this time. For this, you can give the baby a teether. Due to this, your child will be engrossed in playing and at the same time will not experience the trouble of teething.

You should not keep the teether in the fridge, but before giving it to children, make it germ free or give something to chew on which can be changed daily like a piece of wet coconut.

3. Fat fennel in cow’s milk

Boil thick fennel in cow’s milk and give it three to four times a day, teeth come out easily. By applying honey on the gums four to five times a day, teeth come out easily.

4. Basil

Mixing the juice of five basil leaves with honey, applying it on the gums of children or licking them does not cause pain while teething.

5. Genealogy

Children should lick the mixture of Genealogy and honey, because of this, the teeth come out beautiful and toothache also ends.

6. Grapes

To reduce the pain caused by teething in children, drink two spoons of grapefruit juice daily. You can also drink grape juice mixed with honey. This makes the teeth healthy and strong.

7. Take care of children’s health too

The child becomes very weak while teething, so the child’s diet should also be taken care of. Children should be given such food in which calcium, protein, iron, vitamins and minerals are in abundance. They should be given banana, apple puree, orange juice, lentil water and khichdi etc. to eat.

Due to this his health remains good. In such a situation, one should not force the children and after some time they should be given something or the other.

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So here are some home remedies to remove toothache for children, which can save them from the problem of teething. Also, due to this, it helps to remove the teeth of children easily. Apart from this, you should take special care that whatever you are giving to the children is clean and germ-free, due to which there is no infection in the children.