Smart Tissue Paper Useful Beauty Tips

Smart Tissue Paper Useful Beauty Tips

Tissue paper (Useful Beauty Tips) is such a thing that is usually found in everyone’s home or car. But do you know that this tissue paper can also help you a lot in your makeup. Yes, simple-looking tissue paper can be used with ease from removing your makeup to giving your normal lipstick a matte look.

Smart Tissue Paper Useful Beauty Tips

Tissue paper is often found kept in the home, office or even in the car. But when you learn about the beauty tip of tissue paper, you will never forget to keep it in your beauty box or purse. Here we are sharing with you how tissue paper can be used for makeup and other beauty tips. So let us know which are the beauty tricks related to tissue paper that will make your work easier.

Smart Tissue Paper Useful Beauty Tips

Apply Blush or Powder with Tissue Paper

Everyone applies blush or powder with a brush but it gives a professional look. If you want to get a natural look, then use tissue paper for this. For this, first fold the tissue paper and take blush or powder from it and apply it by pressing on the face.

Give Matte Finish Look to Glossy Lipstick

Usually, by the end of the day, your lipstick disappears from your lips, but you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Because with the help of tissue paper, you can keep your glossy or creamy lipstick on for a long time. For this, whenever you apply lipstick (except matte lipstick), then put a tissue paper on your lips and press, then with the help of a brush, apply powder on it. By doing this, your lipstick will get a completely matte finish look and at the same time it will also last for a long time.

Make Peel Off Mask with Tissue Paper

Yes, you can get a tremendous glow on your face with tissue paper. For this you need 2 egg, lemon, almond oil and 1 tissue paper. Take 2 egg white in a bowl, add 10 drops of lemon juice and 10 drops of almond oil. Mix all this and beat it well. Apply a coat of it on the face with the help of a brush. Now take a tissue paper and cover it over the face and press it with light hands. Now apply 2 more coats on this mask with the help of a brush. Now let it dry for 20 minutes. When you feel that the mask has started getting tight, then remove it in one stroke like a peel mask. With this, the dirt accumulated in your face will easily come out and you will get glowing and glowing skin in a few more minutes.

Protect Hair From Heat

Nowadays most of the girls resort to straightening or curling to style their hair. But everyone knows how much damage is done to the hair due to the heat emanating from it. If you are ironing your hair, do it with tissue paper. This will prevent your hair from burning during the iron. For this, first wrap your curling rod or straightener in tissue paper and then iron.

Remove Blackheads

You must be well aware of how painful it is to remove blackheads. But if you want, you can easily remove it by making pore strips using tissue paper. For this, first place a towel soaked in warm water over your nose, this will open your pores easily. After that take a spoonful of egg white and add five drops of tea tree oil and mix it. Now put a strip of tissue paper over it and again apply another coat of mask over it. After 15 to 20 minutes, take it out like a peel wax strip.

Makeup will not Spoil with Eyeshadow

Whenever you apply eyeshadow after makeups, it gets applied to your eyelet as well as your cheeks. For this not to happen, you either apply a base on the face and then use eyeshadows. Otherwise, if you forget to do this, then place a tissue paper on the cheek and then use the eyeshadow as you like without being removed it.

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