Tips to Get The Perfect Eyebrows

Tips to Get The Perfect Eyebrows

The perfect eyebrows shape balances your facial features and also frames your beautiful eyes. The perfect shape of eyebrows is very important for every girl. Because due to the right eyebrow shape, the face looks attractive and beautiful. Whether you have got threading done from the parlor or you have made eyebrows by plucking yourself, even a slight mistake spoils the whole look. Sometimes one eyebrow becomes thin and the shape of the other remains perfect. In such a situation, you start seeing your face strange and for some time to come, you hide in your house because you do not feel like going out of the house. But if you understand the shape of eyebrows according to your face shape, then you can get it made from any place but you will get the perfect shape. Just for this you have to know how to make perfect shaped eyebrows properly, so let’s know about eyebrow growth tips, how to make your own eyebrows (Eyebrow Makeup Tutorial step by step). in detail.

How to Make Eyebrows

Your eyebrows help a lot in making your face look beautiful. It can be said that it frames your entire face. For this, you need to take some extra special care while threading your eyebrows, so that they look as natural as possible. If you want people to see your eyebrows and keep their eyes fixed on your face, then know about the guidelines of how to make the right eyebrows.

Use this Trick for Perfect Eyebrows

First of all, you have to decide where will your eyebrows start? For this, take an eyebrow pencil (or something similar) and line it up from the innermost corner of your eyes to the outermost part of your nose. Where this pencil will come in place of your brow, where the eyebrow will start (about 1 inch above the inner corner of the eye), mark that place with the help of eyebrow pencil. Do the same for the other side brow. When both sides are marked, then check that the space in between is equal on both sides. This method is commonly used. But if your nose is wide from the bottom and you have to use this trick, then your eyebrows will start from the back which will look very strange. So what to do now? You can use this trick but keep one thing in mind – the farther your eyebrows start, the wider your nose will appear. And the closer the brows are, the thinner the nose will appear. You can check this by placing a pencil on both sides of your nose and decide the starting point accordingly. Just use this tip with this method to mark the starting point of your brow.

Determine Where the Eyebrows End

Tips to Get The Perfect Eyebrows

Keep the pencil slanted from the outermost corner of your nose to the outermost corner of your eye. In this angle, wherever the pencil meets or crosses the brow, your brow should end. Put a small dot in that place and take out (pluck or thread) the hair outside it. Do the same for the other side brow.

Fix the Arch

Tips to Get The Perfect Eyebrows

This is the most important and critical step because if the arch of your eyebrow is in the wrong place or wrong shape, then the whole eyebrow will look bad and the face will look awkward. The eyebrow arch should be right above your brow bone. To know this correctly, take a pencil and keep it slanting from the outermost part of the nose to the outer part of the iris (eye pupil). Your arch should be where the pencil at this angle crosses the eyebrow. Mark that place with a pencil and draw the correct shape of the eyebrow. Do the same for the other side brow. Arch can be more or less according to the shape of your face and your choice, but do not arch too much because it looks very artificial and strange.

Choose the Right Eyebrow Width

There’s no formula for choosing the right brow width. These can be according to your face shape, feature and your choice. Keep these things in mind while deciding this:

Tips to Get The Perfect Eyebrows

  • If your eyes are big then it would be better to balance them with wide eyebrows and if the eyes are small then it would be better to balance them with thin eyebrows.
  • If your brow bone is very high above the eyes then a wider brow will frame the eyes better and if the brow bone is just above the eyes then a thinner brow will look better.

You can choose the width according to yourself, just keep in mind that before making eyebrows, the width should be fixed in your mind so that it is not less or more than necessary. After applying all the marks, draw your desired eyebrow shape and then brush the hair with an eyebrow brush and trim with the help of extra long hair scissors. After this, remove the extra hairs outside the drawn brow shape little by little. Your perfect eyebrows are ready.

Eyebrow Growth Tips 

You have come to know that what is the way to make the right eyebrows? And now it is the turn to know eyebrow growth tips. Always remove a little hair while shaping eyebrows. Removing too many hairs at once can spoil the shape. Shape the brow only by softening the skin around the brow so that the hair comes out easily. Immediately after shower or cover the area with a towel dipped in warm water for 2 minutes and then shape. By doing this, the pores open and the hair comes out easily. You can also use fine powder.

How to Make Eyebrows

If you want to make your own eyebrows at home, then use good quality plucker or thread. Before shaping, comb the hairs in the direction of their growth with the help of an eyebrow brush, by doing this you will immediately see extra long hairs which you can trim with the help of scissors. Pluck the hair only in the direction of their growth.

Follow These Tips for Perfect Eyebrow Growth

After giving shape, move ice cube on that area and then apply Aloe Vera gel or any soothing cream. Due to this the place will not become red, swelling will not come, infection will not happen and also the pores will be closed.

After knowing how to make your own eyebrows (eyebrow kaise banate hain), the right way to make eyebrows (threading banane ka tarika) and these amazing eyebrow growth tips, now whether you make eyebrows yourself or with someone Get it done you will know what you want and hence the shape of the brow will never go wrong. And people will keep wondering what is the secret of your always perfect eyebrows? | Get latest news & live updates from India, live India news headlines, breaking news India. Business, Lifestyle. World, Technology, Sports, Internet, Hosting, Blogging, Career, Astrology, Job, Entertainment News Read all latest India news & top news on India Today News.