Tips to Be Safe While Online Dating

Tips to Be Safe While Online Dating

Tips to Be Safe While Online Dating: The internet is full of online dating horror stories and that is why we are here with some tips to help you stay safe while online dating. Yes, trying online dating can be scary at times and because of this it is important that you take care of your safety and pay more attention to some things while taking the relationship from online to offline. Whether you’re looking to date someone from work who DMs you or someone who lives somewhere in your block and has connected with you on a dating app, these tips will come in handy.

Need Some Investigation

Keep in mind that before going on a date, you must ask them for their social media handles so that you can cross-check their profile once and get to know a little more about them. What’s wrong with doing a little background check after all? If their online persona doesn’t match the information they’ve given you, it means you should be wary. Also, if you feel that you and them will not make it, then it is better that you do not date that person.

Have an Exit Strategy Ready

Many times it also happens that after going on a date, you realize that the person you were talking to over text for hours, is actually not that nice. Or it may be that he tells you I love you on the first date itself and you get nervous. Or if your date is going boring, then keep one of your friend ready as a backup so that he can save you from such a date in emergency.

Met in a Public Place

The first date is no less than a blind date and for this reason it is necessary that you meet in a public place only. For this, a good cafe or library or arcade etc. is the best option. You can choose the location according to you. Don’t give them too many personal details like your favorite breakfast spot or the park you go to for a walk on a daily basis. You can tell them about these things when you start trusting them.

Follow your Instinct

Always listen to your instinct and if at any point you feel that the person is too good or you have any other doubts about that person, then your instinct is your best friend and will show you the right path. Because of this, always listen to your heart.

Tell at least one person where you’re going

Always make sure that at least one person knows about your date and where you are actually going and your plans for the date with the person. Also, don’t forget to share your location with them.

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