Tips For Makeup to Hide Face Tan

Tips For Makeup to Hide Face Tan

If you have recently come back from a beach holiday, then you must have tanned on your face too. No matter how much sunscreen you have applied to protect your face and body from tanning, but even after this your skin must have tanned. To be honest, we can deal with skin tanning by wearing strappy beach twenty, but it is very difficult to deal with tanning on the face because it does not go away in one night. It takes a long time to remove the tanning on the face. know Tips For Makeup to Hide Face Tan.

Tips For Makeup to Hide Face Tan

Because of this, you can wait for the tanning to end if you want, but this is not an option especially when you have come back from a holiday and because of this makeup is the best option.


How to Use Makeup to Hide Sun Tan

With the help of makeup, you can hide tanning to some extent. For this, you have to tweak your makeup routine a little. If needed, you can also make some new products a part of your beauty closet.

Step 1- Choose The Right Foundation Shade

When tanning your skin, you should choose a foundation shade that matches your tan or dark skin. If you want, you can choose a liquid foundation because it is easy to blend. Make sure that the foundation is blended well so that no harsh lines are visible. You can also apply and apply a liquid bronzer to give your foundation some warmth.


Step 2- Conceal The Harsh Line

If you have harsh tan lines on your face, you can hide them with concealer. For this, you can use a liquid concealer which is two shades lighter than your skin tone. Dot the concealer under your eyes and on other pigmented areas. Now dab it with the help of damp beauty blender.

Step 3- Use Translucent Powder

Set the foundation base with a translucent powder so that it stays on all day. For this you can use a big, fluffy brush and take some powder on it and apply it on your face and neck.


Step 4- Choose Warm Shades For The Eyes

If you have to apply any eye shadow on the eyes, then you can choose warm colors like golden, brown and blend it with your tan skin. If you are applying any eyeshadow, keep in mind that you take less color and work more on the blending part. Otherwise, you can use brown kohl or liner. For evening look, you can carry golden liquid eyeliner and golden eyeshadow with Smokey kohl.

Step 5- Rosy Blush

You can use shades of the pink family to add some color to the blush. Take care that you apply the product in low quantity and do not go overboard with it and blend it well.

Step 6- Apply a warm Shade on The Lips

Finally complete your look with a warm lip color. You can use a nude shade from the pink or brown family. If you want to keep your look minimalist then you can apply balm or oil. Before applying makeup on tan skin, use a cleanser and do not forget to use it on your neck.

Skincare Tips to Remove Face Tan


Exfoliation is a good home remedy to get rid of skin tan. With the help of scrub, you can remove pigmented dead skin cells from your skin, which will give you a clear and even skin tone. If you do it properly, then the tan of your face will also be less. You can use coffee, rice flour, brown sugar etc. for exfoliation. However, keep in mind that you do this gently because if you exfoliate with a tight hand, your skin can become red and rough.


Another home remedy is to bleach the face. With the help of bleach, the dead skin cells of the face are removed. It lightens your skin tone as well as hydrates dry and rough skin. However, regular bleaching is not recommended. Because of this you should not bleach more than twice a month. You can bleach by making natural bleach at home by mixing lemon and honey. Both have natural bleaching properties, which clean and hydrate the skin.

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