Tips for Adopting A Child

Tips for Adopting A Child

One of the most important things in raising a child is the love and belonging that they get. After that it does not matter whether where he is getting all this, it is in the lap of those who give birth to him or only those who maintain him. This is the reason that if you are thinking of adopting a child for any reason, then understand some basic facts. This will strengthen your decision even more. know Tips for Adopting A Child.

Tips for Adopting A Child

If we talk about today’s time, then the word career has made a new place in people’s life. Now career does not only mean working for someone, but it is associated with self-esteem, self-confidence, self-identity and above all, standing on one’s own feet, doing something by standing on one’s own feet. This applies to both women and men. Due to this, now people do not consider marriage as a big deal as before, but consider it a stage of life and give a lot of time to their career (Tips for Adopting A Child). Now due to these things, getting married late or at an advanced age is not a unique thing. Yes, the problem is that we can ignore the age running after dreams, the body does not.


The number of people facing difficulties in conceiving due to late marriage is huge. This has led to the fact that child adoption is no longer a taboo. Those who are planning a child in their family and due to some reason they are not able to do so, then the number of child adopters has increased significantly as compared to earlier. Along with this, it is also true that adopting a child is a huge responsibility. With this, where the incompleteness of a family is fulfilled, at the same time a child also gets new meaning in his life. This change is pleasant, but it is not easy for both. Let us then try to ease this problem of yours on the basis of the tips received from our psychologist Dr. Samir Parikh.

Mind First

It is not easy to feed and nurture him by applying it to the chest, which has never been felt by the womb. This is a very bitter truth, but in order to be able to bond with the adopted child in a strong bond for the whole life, it is very important to find the answer to this very bitter truth by yourself. Here the question is not only about your feelings, but it will change the whole life of a child. It should not be such that today you may adopt a child by feeling a surge of emotions or to fill the void in your lap, but tomorrow by being influenced by people’s words or thinking things like not having your own blood, make him alien. It is also possible that if you do not have your child first, you may adopt a child and later if the luck turns and your lap is filled, then your attitude towards that child starts changing. This is the reason that despite being very bitter, the first thing we are telling you is that if you are going to adopt a child, then keeping in mind every situation, make your intention very firm.


Don’t Ignore Important Rules

Another important thing is that whenever you adopt a child, do so by following the entire legal process and rules. Whether you have adopted your child from a known person or from somewhere else, follow all the rules and regulations related to it completely.

Don’t Hide the Truth

Secondly, once you have adopted the child, never try to hide it from the child. If you have adopted a very young child, then at the right time, that is, with a little age, sensibly connect him to this truth. There is nothing to hide in this. The child whom you have given a lot of love and affection, you have kept it close to your chest, but you have hidden the truth from him only out of feelings, then remember that if this thing is revealed by someone else, he may feel worse. There might be a lot of changes in that too. For this not to happen, it is necessary that you just let the truth remain the truth, don’t try to falsify it by telling a lie.


Care is the Top

For every child, the only thing that matters is how he is being brought up, whether he is your biological child or an adopted one, so don’t give too much importance to this thing and keep full attention on how you are doing that. How are you giving upbringing and values ​​to the child? How much are you taking care of him?

Make the Child Normal, Not Special

Take it deep in your upbringing that the child you have adopted, it is necessary to make him feel special at all times. Treat him as your normal child and give him love, neither too little nor too much. Remember, while lack of love affects proper development, excess of it also plays a role in the deterioration of the child, so be balanced. While giving love to the child, do not make him feel extra special all the time nor show sympathy all the time. Just let the time do its job.

Understand Psychology Too

In the upbringing of an adopted child, keep in mind that these children can often be victims of malnutrition or many types of infections etc. from the very beginning. Many times it happens that before birth, during the pregnancy itself, due to the wrong habits of their mother or father, they have been in the grip of many types of intoxication, because they were neglected. Apart from this, it often happens even after birth that they do not get as much nutrition from the beginning as they should. Even at a very young age, they have faced neglect, scolding, hunger and thirst or beatings. So it is very important that when you take up the responsibility of their upbringing, keep getting their medical checkups done regularly. If you find anything strange about that child’s behavior, do not delay in seeking immediate advice from a psychiatrist.

Not only to love, It is also Necessary to Express

With small children, there is such a situation that the lap in which they find love, they immediately become the same, but if the child is older then you have to pay a little more attention in his upbringing. It is true that you love him, that’s why you have adopted him. The need is not only to love but also to express it. From time to time put a hand on the child’s head, hug him, cuddle, pamper him. Remember, this is a child longing for love and home. He will gradually believe in this changed situation only on the basis of your love and behavior.

Give the Right of Belonging to the Child

Let the child be completely normal and give him all the rights which he has as your child, such as being angry, stubborn, angry etc. Yes, the only thing to be careful is that his stubbornness has to be allowed to remain stubborn only to an extent. Don’t let it turn into a bad habit or a situation like Taken for Granted.

Ignore Some Mistakes

For some time after adopting, ignore most of the mistakes of the child, because right now he has a huge lack of self-confidence. At the same time, he is still shocked in some corner of the mind. Do not surround him with too many rules and regulations in the name of discipline.

Feel Every Relation

Connect the child to all relationships. It is necessary to get the love of all your relatives and friends, because he has already come to see the limited world. Now let his world expand. Help her make new friends as well, but keep your eye on her so she doesn’t get hurt by her taunts. Prepare him mentally for this.

Strength Needs Time

Children are just children and let them be that. As far as the strength of your relationship is concerned, give it some time. You have just planted a sapling, it will take time for your upbringing and time to make it a tree.

(This article is based on a conversation with eminent psychologist Dr. Samir Parikh.)

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