Causes, Symptoms and Home Remedies For Throat Infection in Children

Causes, Symptoms and Home Remedies For Throat Infection in Children

Throat infection or infection in children is a very common problem that is viral. A long-term throat infection is very painful and at the same time it can also block your throat.

Sore throat does not last as long as other diseases, but in a few days it completely affects you and makes you sick. Throat infection in children occurs due to many reasons. Let us know the causes of throat infection in children and home remedies.


What is Throat Infection in Kids?

Throat infection is a very common health problem. It basically occurs when the delicate inner lining of the throat gets infected with virus or bacteria resulting in swelling, cough, sore throat etc. Sometimes a child’s sore throat for a long time can also be a sign of some serious illness, in such a situation, see a doctor immediately and get complete medical attention.

Most types of children’s sore throats are caused by viruses that cause colds, and the flu that get better with home care.


Sore Throat Symptoms

The symptoms of sore throat in children can vary depending on its cause. Following are some of its symptoms and signs:

1. itchy throat
2. pain while speaking
3. difficulty swallowing
4. dry throat
5. Swelling and pain in throat and jaw glands
6. Redness and swelling of tonsils
7. tonsil formation or pus formation
8. Hoarse or low voice etc.


Common infections that cause a sore throat can sometimes be the result of other signs or symptoms. These include:

Causes of throat infection and avoiding pain

Special care should be taken about what to eat and what not to eat when there is a pain in the throat. When there is a sore throat or difficulty in swallowing, you should avoid consuming many such foods and drinks, which are:

1. Solid Foods

Foods that have sharp edges, such as some biscuits, dry toast, raw vegetables and walnuts, etc. These foods can increase further discomfort in the throat.

2. Citrus Fruits and Juices

However, some people drink orange juice when they have a cold. But doing so when the throat is bad makes the pain worse. Oranges and other citrus fruits are acidic and irritate the throat.

3. More Salty Foods

Foods that are made with vinegar or salt can further aggravate the swelling, pain and irritation in the throat. Therefore, eating them should also be avoided.

4. Tomato Soup or Sauce

People who have throat infection should not consume tomato as it is also acidic.

5. Stimulant Spices

While some spices provide relief from sore throat, spices like chili and nutmeg make the condition worse.

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What should be given to children to reduce throat infection?

The best things to eat and drink when a child has a Throat pain are healthy soft foods and relaxing beverages that simultaneously promote nutrition and prevention. Frozen foods such as fruit syrups can also relieve sore throat pain and swelling.

1. Pomegranate Juice

According to studies, pomegranate juice prevents throat infections and reduces swelling and pain. So give pomegranate juice to your child.

2. Banana

Banana is a soft and healthy fruit that does not allow irritation in the infected throat etc. If the child has an infection in his throat, then you feed him with banana mash.

3. Ginger Tea

Make ginger tea and give it to your child, it also provides great relief to sore throat. This is a panacea home remedy for sore throat and infection.

4. Honey

Instead of sugar, replace honey in your child’s diet. It also gives relief from sore throat.

5. Well-Cooked Vegetables

Carrots, cabbage, potatoes and some other vegetables can be beneficial for people suffering from throat pain. They should be cooked or boiled till soft.

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