Thop TV Download – How to Watch IPL From Thop TV

Thop Tv Download - How to Watch IPL From Thop Tv

How to download thoptv in mobile: Today’s article is going to be very important because through this article we will tell you how to download thoptv in phone and how to install thop tv after downloading.

How do you watch IPL matches from thop tv or whether it is safe to use thop tv app or not, in this way you will get answers to all these questions today through this article. So read this entire article till the last, on this we will share you all the information related to thoptv app.


As the IPL season approaches, people start looking for such IPL match viewing apps, through which free live IPL can be watched, IPL scores can be seen, that is, they can see the fun of IPL. You can download various types of TV shows like Zee TV serials, in this way you can watch TV shows of the channel on mobile.

In such a situation, when people come to download TV serials at different times, then people search many types of apps, similarly a lot of thoptv app is used to watch IPL.


You can watch IPL absolutely free through thoptv app, but what is thoptv app, how to use thoptv app, we do not know whether it is right to use thoptv, so let’s know what is thopt tv app.

What is Thop Tv

Thoptv is android application, according to the media, it is an Indian app which is made by Indian companies, on this you can watch any type of movie, serial, match, news all these. All these can be seen by thoptv on both computer and mobile.


With the help of this, you can easily watch any new movie IPL, live news, live cricket all over the world, on this you do not have to pay a single rupee, cricket matches or football matches can be seen absolutely free. There is no charge to be paid for this.

It is used to watch maximum cricket matches, a lot of IPL matches are watched by everyone, if you use the Hotstar platform, then you have to pay for it, but if we use apps to watch IPL for free.

What are the features of ThopTV app?

  • It is very easy to use this app.
  • Through this you can watch more than 300 live TV.
  • You can watch IPL for free through this.
  • You can watch free TV channels.
  • Can watch Netflix, Hotstar and free movies.
  • You can listen to unlimited songs for free.
  • 500 radio channels.
  • Free Hindi Support can watch popular TV shows and movies for free.

How to Download Thoptv

So you learned about Thoptv but you will not find it on Google Play Store as well as being an Android application because it does not follow some rules of Google Play Store, due to which it has been taken out of Play store.

So we have to download it from outside google play store, let us know how can download thoptv app without play store, how to download thoptv for free

How to Download thop tv apk

For this you follow these steps given below.

  1. First of all open your mobile browser
  2. After that you search by typing thopt download.
  3. After searching by typing how to download thop tv, the website will open, select it and go to the download option and download thoptv

In this way thop tv free will be downloaded on your mobile.

Apart from this, if you want to download thoptv direct, then you can download it through the link given below.

How to install thop tv

thoptv has to be downloaded separately in the browser, so when it is downloaded in our browser then the process of installation comes, whenever we download any app from google play store, it gets installed immediately after download. But if you are downloading from the browser, then after downloading we will have to install it separately.

How to install thoptv app in mobile

  • To install thoptv, first click on that downloaded file.
  • When we click on that file a popup will open on which we have to enable unknown source.
  • For this, go to the settings, go to the unknown source option and turn on the setting.
  • After that you install thop tv apk by clicking on install thop tv apk.
  • After the installation is complete, its icon will appear on your mobile screen, now it is ready to use.
  • You can use the Thop TV app by clicking on it, by going to its search box, you can search whatever you want to watch.

How to watch live IPL from thop tv

Thop TV is used for maximum IPL viewing. If you think about how to watch IPL for free, then you can watch IPL by going to its live streaming option.

How To Watch Live TV From Thoptv

  • To watch Live TV channel or match, first of all you open thoptv app.
  • Then go to Live Streaming option.
  • If you want to watch in Hindi then select Hindi.
  • Then after pressing the play button, the match will start, you can enjoy the match in the quality in which you want to watch the match.

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Thop tv related questions (FAQs)

Q.1 Is it safe to use Thop tv app?

Ans: You will not find it on google play store, it does not follow some policy of google play store due to which it has been removed from google play store, so according to some reports it is not safe to use Thop TV app.

Q.2 Can IPL be watched for free on Thoptv?

Ans: Yes, you can watch free IPL through this app.

Q.3 Can I watch TV channels on Thoptv?

Ans: Yes, through this app, you can watch TV channels very easily, on this you can watch live TV.

Q.4 Is there any subscription to Thop tv or not?

Ans: No subscription or recharge is required.


In this article, we have shared with you the information related to what is thop tv and how to use thop tv whether it is safe to use or not and how to watch live IPL through thoptv for free.

If you want to watch IPL for free then you can use this app but we told you above that this app makes mobile slow so this app is not safe to use.

If you have any other kind of questions related to this article, then you must send your questions to us through the comment box given below, we will give immediate response to your questions.

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