This Diwali, become an unforgettable host with these classy table decor tips

This Diwali, become an unforgettable host with these classy table decor tips

With the festive season around the corner, all of us are busy planning our first-ever socially distanced Diwali. With our outfits almost in place, the decor too along with a squeaky clean home, have you considered the different ways you can decorate  your table for the loved ones?

If your answer is a no, you aren’t the only one. A lot of us don’t focus on it but it is one of the most underrated parts of the festivities. After all, food and the festive season go hand in hand.

That is why Preeti Rathod, founder of the Theatric Platter shares some easy tips to help become a great host with an amazing taste! Take a look below.

Use earthen pots or kulhads

Even though earthen pots are basic there is something so beautiful about them that they simply stand out when set with fresh flowers. “All we need is bright coloured flowers that don’t have to be exotic (read: expensive)” shares Rathod. She suggests one can go with marigolds or more leaves to complement to complement their table settings. In fact, these earthen pots are cheap too, thus you aren’t burning a hole in your pocket which is a win!

She also adds that “one can simply put bite-size food in it or crudités which looks stunning. A great tip is to serve fruity drinks in it and put a rind of lemon on the side.”

Don’t forget your tablecloth 

Tablecloths are the easiest way to amp up the decor. Rathod says, “Always make sure the tablecloth isn’t creased or stained” She suggests that one should either go for the classic white one or opt for bright colours. This way you don’t have to do a lot and the key colour attracts all the attention. Lastly she adds, “Get creative with napkin rings. Even better, tie it with jute or flowers to make a statement or simply just tuck a herb to make it look prettier!”

Accessorise and accessories more!

Rathod says this is where you can have the most amount of fun. “Go wild with this one, amp up your table with fruits, flowers clusters or colourful diyas. However, make sure there is incorporation of various kinds of texture and different heights to make it more appealing.”

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