Test of time: To the Hindi film heroes, I once loved

Test of time: To the Hindi film heroes, I once loved

It’s amazing how your perspective on love keeps changing as you spend many years in a long-term relationship. Most girls my age grew up believing and hoping that a Raj would sweep them off their feet on an international holiday, or a Rahul would charm them in a dance school. In some cases, maybe these stories did come true, but most of us have realised over a period of time and some serious adulting, that a long-term relationship needs romance, respect, friendship, compatibility and, most importantly, realism to survive.

So as a 35-year-old married woman, who once desperately hoped to meet the love of her life on a train, plane or in a suitably accidental manner, here’s what I think about all the men I once loved on screen.

Test of time: To the Hindi film heroes, I once loved

1. Raj: Naam toh suna hoga? Raj was created to be every woman’s dream. He had just the right amount of bad boy quotient to tempt a girl, he played a string instrument and wore cool clothes with matching neckpieces that somehow only he could pull off. But he also had a desi heart that beat for the girl’s bauji as much as it did for her. Raj from DDLJ was iconic because he travelled thousands of miles to win Simran and her family over. While I absolutely loved Raj back then and DDLJ will always have a soft spot in my heart, I realise now that Raj, though a nice guy, was a spoilt, entitled brat. He didn’t care about the money being spent on his education and was actually rewarded for flunking college!


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