Teachers Day Special Motivational Story 

Teachers Day Special Motivational Story 

Our teachers have a huge contribution in our life. Whatever we are today, all of us have reached this point by following the right path shown and given by our teachers. Although we get to learn something on life but a teacher slowly inspires us to become good human beings, better members of our society and even ideal citizens of the country. This is the person who really gives us the identity of the society. Although every day the student respects his teacher, but the day of Teacher’s Day is something special. That is why on this special occasion, we are sharing with you such an inspiring story of Guru and disciple that will change the way you live your life. know Teachers Day Special Motivational Story.

Teachers Day Special Motivational Story

Once upon a time, a teacher was on a walk along with some of his disciples. They reached a village while walking. This village was very big, while roaming there, it was too late for them. Guru ji was tired and he was very thirsty, so he told one of his disciples that we stay for some time in this village, you bring water for me. When the disciple went inside the village a little, he saw that there was a river, in which many people were washing clothes, many people were taking bath and that is why the water of the river looked very dirty.

The disciple felt that such dirty water can spoil the health of the teacher, he cannot be given this water. So the disciple returned without taking water and told the whole thing about the dirty water of the river to the teacher. After this Guru ji sent another disciple to fetch water. After sometime the disciple returned with water.

Guru ji asked this other disciple that the water of the river was dirty, then how did you bring this water? The disciple said that teacher, the water of the river was really very dirty. But after the people left the river, I waited for some time and after sometime the soil settled down in the river and the clean water came up. After that I brought water for you from the same river.

Teacher ji was very happy to hear this and also taught the rest of the disciples that our life is also like the water of this river. Many times there are sorrows and problems in life, then the water of life starts looking dirty. But after a little wait and patience, these superficial sorrows and problems get buried and the good times come up.


Some people get nervous seeing misery and problems like the previous disciple and come back seeing trouble. Such people never move ahead in life, while on the other hand some people who are patient, wait that after some time the problems and sorrows like dirt will end, they are successful in life.