Tea During Pregnancy: Is it Safe to Drinking Tea

Tea During Pregnancy: Is it Safe to Drinking Tea

The biggest concern for women during pregnancy is what to eat and what not to eat at such a time because whatever the woman takes during pregnancy, the food reaches the baby in her womb. During pregnancy, most women like to drink tea, coffee or ginger tea, but it is believed that they should not consume them much during pregnancy. But it is also a fact that tea contains a lot of antioxidants, polyphenols that boost the immune system and increase the metabolic rate but the question is whether it is safe to drink tea during pregnancy. So let us know whether tea should be drunk during pregnancy (Is it Safe to Drinking Tea During Pregnancy) or not?

  • Drink only 200 ml of tea or coffee.
  • Do not take tea empty stomach in the morning.
  • Tea can cause harm to the baby.
  • However, tea also provides relief in throat pain or mild headache.
  • Consume tea and coffee only in a controlled amount.

Is it Safe to Drinking Tea During Pregnancy

It is believed that drinking too much tea and coffee during pregnancy can harm the health of both the mother and the baby. Both tea and coffee can sometimes cause miscarriage. Therefore, it can be harmful to consume more than 200 mg of tea or coffee in 1 day during your pregnancy. If you consume 3 to 4 cups of tea or coffee in a day, then you should do one or two cups during pregnancy so that you do not face any problem.


There are two types of tea, one herbal and the other non-herbal. Women should not drink non-herbal tea during pregnancy as this tea has high caffeine content which can harm the unborn baby. That’s why women should drink herbal tea.

Women should not consume ginger tea during pregnancy and in addition they should avoid powdered milk tea, outside tea, black coffee, filter coffee. They should also not consume green tea as they contain high amount of caffeine which can harm the baby.


There is a fear of miscarriage from them, although pregnant women are not forbidden from drinking tea, but there are some things that are prevented from drinking. Although black tea is considered beneficial for health because it contains antioxidants, pregnant women are forbidden to drink it.

Side Effects of Drinking Tea During Pregnancy

1. Effects on fetal development


During pregnancy, a woman should consume 200 mg of tea or coffee, because during this time consuming more tea or coffee, the caffeine present in it affects the health of the pregnant woman and her unborn baby. Its daily consumption can also reduce the weight of the unborn baby.

2. Chances of miscarriage

Consumption of coffee in excessive amounts during pregnancy can increase the problem of miscarriage as it also contains caffeine, allanthein, and theophylline, which increase the excitement in the body and increase the risk of miscarriage during pregnancy. increases it more.

3. Less appetite

Excessive consumption of tea and coffee increases the problem of loss of appetite. During pregnancy, women are advised to eat a balanced and nutritious diet so that both the baby and the mother are healthy. Drinking tea during pregnancy will make you feel less hungry, which will spoil their health. Therefore, excessive coffee should not be consumed during pregnancy.

Herbal Tea During Pregnancy

Antioxidants present in tea are helpful in reducing morning sickness, but no matter what the tea, it should not be consumed in excess. Herbal tea made from many flowers, roots, leaves and seeds is used medicinally. Therefore, women who are fond of drinking tea can drink this herbal tea. Drinking herbal tea is beneficial for the body and it provides adequate nutrition to you and the baby.

Herbal tea contains nutrients like vitamins A, C, K, potassium, iron and also has no caffeine content.

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They should consume lemon tea, milk tea, etc., but women who drink herbal tea should also keep in mind that they should not consume it more than twice during this time. Pregnant women must consult a doctor to consume tea or coffee.

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