Causes of Baby Sweating While Sleeping

Causes of Baby Sweating While Sleeping

Baby Sweating While Sleeping: You must be wondering why your baby sweats while sleeping or why his head sweats so much. Although every parent has this doubt, but they have more trouble about this thing. But do you know that sweating while sleeping is a common problem in babies because babies have heat in their body which comes out in the form of sweat. Although children sweating while sleeping is not a matter of concern, but if excessive sweating comes, then it can be a sign of a serious problem. So let us know why babies sweat while sleeping.

Causes of Baby Sweating While Sleeping

When your baby sleeps peacefully, then you also feel very good and it is also very beneficial for the health of the children. In such a situation, if your child sweats a lot while sleeping, then it is a matter of concern, but for this, you should check how much sweating occurs in the palms and feet of the child, because the head of newborn babies keeps on sweating. There can be many reasons for sweating, some of the main reasons are as follows:


1. Too hot

Babies can sweat while sleeping due to excessive heat. If the temperature and environment where the baby is sleeping is extremely hot and humid, it will cause the little ones to sweat. That’s why you should not wrap small children in a lot of sheets while sleeping, otherwise the children will sweat more and they will get up early in the morning.

2. Bad dreams or Fear

Due to fear and active imagination, young children keep having nightmares and they keep getting scared in dreams due to which their face and head keep sweating.


3. Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is one of the most common causes of excessive sweating in premature babies, which causes them to stop breathing for a while. The child is trying to breathe during this time due to which he sweats a lot. There are many other symptoms of sleep apnea such as nervousness, pale skin and difficulty in breathing etc.

4. Hyperhidrosis

The loss of sweat from the body without any reason is a medical problem called hyperhidrosis. So if your child sweats even in a cold room, then it is possible that your child is suffering from hyperhidrosis, which causes excessive sweating of hands, palms, head and feet in such condition. Although it is not a serious problem but you can treat it with some medical help.


5. Fever

Sweating can also be caused by fever because during fever the body temperature of the child is above normal due to which your child may sweat. Therefore, if children are sweating excessively, then check your child’s fever with a clean thermometer.

6. Weak kidney

If babies sweat more at night while sleeping, then you should understand that this sweating is pointing to the weak kidneys of your baby, due to which children feel thirsty again and again and the baby sweats more. It is also called Knight syndrome.

7. Heart Disease

Congenital heart disease can also be a cause of sweating in babies. Due to this, children sweat while playing or even while eating. This is also a common problem in children. Cystic fibrosis which is a congenital heart disease that causes sweating in children due to faulty genes in children.

8. Thyroid

Due to thyroid problem, children also sweat while sleeping at night.

9. Cancer

According to doctors, sweating while sleeping or sleeping is also a symptom of cancer. If the child sweats excessively, then definitely consult a doctor.

10. Low Blood Pressure

Those who have low blood pressure also sweat. This is a common thing, so those whose blood pressure is low, they sweat a lot.

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