Sweating During Pregnancy: Causes, Home Remedies

Sweating During Pregnancy: Causes, Home Remedies

Sweating During Pregnancy: The symptoms of every woman are different in pregnancy, some feel like eating sour and some sweet. Some sweat more and some less. Some women feel less heat and some more.

Is it Normal to Sweat during Pregnancy?

Sweating during pregnancy is a normal process, but if a woman starts sweating excessively during pregnancy, then it is very important for you to be alert at that time. Sometimes there is a fear of getting many diseases due to excessive sweating.

Many women also think that the more sweat they sweat, the more the dirt of the body will come out, but it is not because this work is done by the liver and kidneys in the body. Sweating also depends on the season, sweating comes more in the summer season and less sweating in the cold. There are two sweat glands in our body, eccrine and apocrine.

Causes of sweating during pregnancy

1. There can be many reasons for sweating, such as if a pregnant woman is doing exercise or yoga, then there is no need to panic because sweating also comes according to physical exertion.

2. If a woman is overweight and there is an increase in weight during pregnancy. If sweating is excessive due to weight gain, then it is not normal. In this case, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

3. During pregnancy, women are very worried about their child, they are always afraid whether their baby is healthy or not, so even at such times sometimes sweating starts coming more due to fear and nervousness.

4. If there is excessive sweating during pregnancy, it can also be due to the effect of thyroid, high blood pressure, tension or any kind of medicine.

5. Sometimes there is a sudden feeling of heat in pregnancy. If this heat is felt only in the upper part of the body chest, neck or head, then there is no trace of blood in it.

Due to the rapid transmission, the body temperature rises, due to which there is a sudden feeling of heat, there is nothing to panic in this as it usually happens in the second or third month of pregnancy.

Ways to reduce sweating during pregnancy

In this way, the process of sweating of a pregnant woman cannot be stopped because it is normal, but if we adopt some measures, then it can reduce sweating. Such As:

  • Always wear loose and light colored clothes during pregnancy. Apart from this, cotton clothes should be worn because it feels less heat.
  • Tea, coffee should not be taken during pregnancy, it is also not good for the fetus and it also causes excessive sweating. Avoid eating too much chili, spices and oil. Instead, you should consume more fruits and green vegetables as they help in keeping your body temperature right.
  • Drink plenty of water during pregnancy so that even if you sweat, do not let the lack of water.
  • Avoid going out in the sun and go to such places in the summer season where you can get AC air. Also, if you sweat more than going out, then you should do yoga. For this, choose the time to do yoga early in the morning or in the evening, which will cause less sweating. Remember, do yoga or swimming only under a knowledgeable teacher.
  • You can also use coconut oil. Wherever there is excessive sweating, you can avoid the smell of sweat by applying a little coconut oil.
  • And at the same time, it will also help in eliminating the bacteria of sweat. You can also use camphor in coconut oil, which will give you more benefits.
  • If you sweat a lot at night, then you can put a towel on your sleeping place so that the towel will absorb the sweat and at the same time you sleep.
  • Also, use thin and cotton sheets at the time, so that you will feel less heat and sweat will be less.
  • Where there is excessive sweating, you can also use talcum powder, which will not cause itching and sweating will also decrease.

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If you are sweating a lot, you can also use a hand fan, which will give you some relief. In this way, sweating occurs more in summer itself, but if you are pregnant and the weather is cold and you suddenly start sweating a lot, then you should consult your doctor immediately.

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